Saturday, April 4, 2015

VOICE (Of Humanism)


'Key Issues' (as identified and listed- Are there many more ?)

1. There is a lot of political interference in the banking sector
2. There is a lack of transparency
3. Terms and conditions of banking services are tough to understand
4. Continuous banking holidays for more than 2 years creates a lot of hassles
5. Customer service of the nationalised banks is very bad
6. Banking regulations are very rigid for common man
7. Public sector banks are not systematic & public friendly
8. Internet banking is still not at the international levels
9. Employees don’t know the rules fully; keep passing the buck
10. Many times a customer is sent from window to window to get the work done
11. Banks are more interested in selling mutual funds and insurance rather than providing service
12. Banks are quick to change rates of interest if they stand to gain but slow to react when they have to reduce rates
13. There is no transparency in Foreign Exchange Transactions and banks fleece customers wherever possible
14. Customer accounts under the title of internet banking are targeted by hackers
15. ATM transactions are charged after a certain number of times
16. Most of the ATM does not have the facility for cash/ cheque deposit
17. Grievance redressal is weak
18. Banks impose charges without giving any notice
19. The banking staff is rude with the customers
20. Interest rates on loans and credit cards are too high
21. Process of granting a loan is tedious and a lot of paperwork is involved

Comment (in short): Extremely Resourceful

XCERPTS  (selected, for ready reading)

< "It's time to talk about what's next."

< "It is time for Americans to think boldly about ... what it will take to move our country to a very different place, one where outcomes that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic are commonplace."
< Those are the words of academic and author Gar Alperovitz, founder of the Democracy Collaborative, who—alongside veteran environmentalist Gus Speth—this week launched a new initiative called the "Next Systems Project" which seeks to address the interrelated threats of financial inequality, planetary climate disruption, and money-saturated democracies by advocating for deep, heretofore radical transformations of the current systems that govern the world's economies, energy systems, and political institutions.>

Even on the first blush, anyone ‘right minded’, endowed with a truly ‘rational’ , -coupled with national ,- perspective, that is, in essence with an altruistic  outlook on profound ‘humanism’ , cannot fail to readily appreciate, without offending self-conscience, apart  from offending others’ as well, and be truly inspired to try and  instantly venture to embark on a devout ‘introspection’. As perceived, that certainly carries a timely message, to listen to and give some serious thoughts, to the end of marching the nation (not only America, but every other country across the globe, inclusive of India) having basically a democratic set-up and left with the ingrained belief that , that is the only way , if at all, to survive and live in peace with self, and let also the rest do so.
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