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Controlling your desires

What are the costs of all that self-control? Experts  suggest that self-control acts like a muscle; it's a limited resource that can get tired from too much exertion. They argue that after people exert self-control, they enter a state called "ego depletion" in which the will is weakened. This has wide-ranging consequences: Depleted people are more likely to overeat,display more aggression, cheat on their partners, spend more money impulsively,make irrational and uncompromising decisions, and generally respond in a myriad of unhealthy ways.

Spiritual Thoughts ? Not really !

For anyone of those rarest of rare human beings walking the earth in our times, nonetheless who soulfully cares to, - find time, however small or occasionally  it be, and  more importantly,  sometimes  or at least once in a way, BEING INSPIRED, introspect’-  Find the RECIPE HERE
A Host of Truly thought Provoking Articles, for striving and accomplishing “personal excellence” in its profound sense.And in turn, to give a hand for the betterment of the life on earth for the rest of the humanity !

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Internships useful way of getting first job, finds survey

Points For Deliberation:
< Among those surveyed in India, 26 per cent opined that their dream industry to work is IT & telecom, while 11 per cent preferred Professional Services. Around 10 per cent of the respondents were interested in finance.
Nishant Rao, who is Country Manager LinkedIn India, said understanding the concerns and needs of students helps shed light on what companies can do to nurture the next generation of professionals and leaders.>


 New Age is Coming to India

 ICAI initiative on ITAT remark on CA profession and& functions of ICAI


  Putting Job At Risk, Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Administer Standardized Test
by Lauren McCauley
It's not about me, says 59-year-old Susan Bowles, this is 'about teachers all across the country who are fed up with testing and who can’t teach their students.'

"It's not about me, says 59-year-old Susan Bowles, this is "about teachers all across the country who are fed up with testing and who can’t teach their students.”
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The above, need to be noted, is a call, nay a message providing useful guidance, to sit up, become aware and conscious of the reality that Just as any other major fundamental problem (s), requiring serious but devoted consideration, afflicting for so long the entire humanity across the globe, our nation being no exception, is 'education'. Provided, besides our men in governance, the educational institutions , to begin with right from the grass root KG, have a mind and wish to toe the line with that one old madam who has wisely but boldly shown the way , how to take on and keep fighting to the end of a desirable outcome/marked improvements, in the field of education - which, in the ultimate analysis, must certainly not be confined to the proverbial "3 R" s. More so, the solution lies in unreserved determination to eschew, the over whelming greed largely obtaining and leading to large scale commercialization of that basic field crippling the humanity as a whole.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Improving the State of Education – Solutions

1.Reduce the number of students per class
2.Optimize teacher compensation for Government school teachers (more pay/benefits for performers)
3.There should be one syllabus across the country
4.Government schools should be improved by contribution from corporates and philanthropists
5.Mandatory Teacher Training yearly
6.The salary increment of the teachers should be based on their annual performance
7.The teacher recruitment process for Government schools should be automated
8.Selection and its process of recruiting qualified teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff purely on merit
9.Student-teacher ratio should be improved
10.The passion for teaching should be reignited
11.Co-curricular activities should be given equal importance
12.Theoretical knowledge should go hand in hand with practical classes
13.Physical abuse by a teacher should be made a criminal offense
14.The fee hike in schools and colleges should be governed by the Ministry of Education
15.The affiliation process of private schools should be rigorous and the affiliation should need to be renewed every 3 years
16.All the functionaries of the system should be held responsible and accountable for their respective roles
17.New colleges like IITs, IIMs, AIIMS should be opened
18.Treat all educational trusts as for profit organizations and subject them to financial scrutiny as every other industry
19.CCE implementation should be in spirit
20.All tuition/coaching classes should be registered and also monitored to ensure that no school/college teacher is employed at these places
21.Skill development should be made an important part of higher education
22.Allocation of funds in budget for primary education should be increased

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Modi's Teachers' Day 'diktat' a lesson in creating controversy
Asking students to listen to the PM's address seems to have stirred resentment, indignation and opposition Read More »

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MUSINGS   Aug 5, 2014
World Affairs – messed up, always messed up, and are bound to be messed up to eternity
What are the principal maladies, root cause, for all..
Change of Concepts, in a manner as originally conceptualised pushed to the background as outdated, no longer of relevance, impractical (ble)-
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Common Sense –
Conscientious ,
System deficiency (ies)-
External- invented, innovations

CTS why deficient –
Not equipped to identify, differentiate between genuine and fake, counterfeit
Manual would  have accepted what CTS has rejected- is not it serious deficiency
Rule of criminal jurisprudence – many guilty, wrong doers may go unpunished, but not a single one upright, not guilty can be punished= that is a test of ‘objectivity’
Thinking, rational thinking, analytical,


MONEY matters – does it really ?!

Aug 19, 2014 - Solity, a New Zealand software developer, has developed a mobile platform which transfers the crisis response procedures of organisations ...

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The following important judgement is available for download at

Vijay V Meghani vs. DCIT (ITAT Mumbai)

ITAT laments severe fall in standards of CA profession. Advices ICAI to take disciplinary proceedings against erring members & tackle issue on war footing





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