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Experts say that the new governments led by the BJP are likely to push land reforms and expedite various approval processes, bringing down the ...

< .....likely to push land reforms and expedite various approval processes, bringing down the cost for developers and, ultimately, the end users.
Gurgaon and Mumbai, the richest cities in Haryana and Maharashtra, respectively, have always been the preferred markets for investors. Most parts of these cities are beyond the reach for those looking for affordable homes.

"We are expecting correction in prices as monopoly of certain developers, especially in Gurgaon, is bound to end," says the top executive with a real estate firm. Single-window clearance, a demand for long, is likely and so are land reforms, he adds.

'House for all by 2022' has been a top agenda for the BJP government at the Centre. While there are many developers across the two states, DLF in Gurgaon and the Lodhas and Oberois in Mumbai are among the biggest names.

Most affordable projects are located on the boundaries or suburbs of these cities. Sanjay Dutt, managing director of Cushman & Wakefield, a realty consultant, says: "Mumbai suffered a lot in terms of approvals and costs added up. If a developer bought land for Rs 1,000 crore and paid 30 per cent interest, he had to shell out Rs 300 crore, which was included in the apartment prices.">

Oct 26

Modi lauds media's role in spreading awareness on Clean India campaign


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives for a Diwali get-together with the media at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Saturday. -- R.V. MoorthyReaching out to the media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today lauded its role in spreading aware... »      1 comment

Who cares about public shareholders?

Cogs in the wheel: Each one counts Anatoly Maslennikov/shutterstock.comWhen the markets are moribund, Indian policymakers pull out all stops to convince small investors... »

Skewed approach to bad debt

Don’t flush it down yet. Try to fix the asset IQONCEPT/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

Nirmal Gangwal

There is growing concern over stressed assets in the banking system. Public sector banks have be... »      4 comments

Arvind Subramanian: a pro-reform economist with impeccable…


Who among Gandhi and Bhagat Singh was right in his approach towards the British rule in India?


A socially responsible Social Network?

Mahananda Bohidar

Most people start their week by moaning about Mondays. Mark Zuckerberg started his by flying... »


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BJP Samvad Cell shared a new resource in "Transform India with Modi".
Subject: Modi Govt to formalize code of conduct for MPs.

< The government feels that parliamentary privileges should be clearly defined, delimited and simplified. Codification of privileges should be considered priority to remove uncertainty and anxiety of the press and the people. A parliamentary panel, consisting of members of both Houses, may be set up to lay down privileges in specific terms and to recommend appropriate legislation.>

Certainly , none, particularly the Press or the People can miss the sudden appearance of a streak of silver lining in the largely hovering sable clouds. Should the ideal aspects proposed to be formalized are covered in a simply worded Code, and sincerely followed, without the need for compulsion to have implemented and diligently enforced - sooner the better, undoubtedly might usher in the long pending transformation,  nay reformation, of the whole environment in polity  across the nation. 
May be, - not to be missed is another common aspiration of the people  to be suitably covered; that  is,emphasis on cent percent attendance while the legislature is in session, and whole -hear ted cum spirited active participation in the proceedings. As is the proverb,- "Every cloud has a silver lining" (expression of a poetic sentiment that even the gloomiest outlook contains some hopeful or consoling aspect).


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    Stop corruption or other nations could turn away Indian doctors: Fiona Godlee Rema Nagarajan Rema Nagarajan,TNN |

In America, the force was with 'Gujju bhai' Modi - Blogs

Modi's fast ball baffles Americans but the Force is with him ...


Jamal Mecklai: Mr Modi's magic

There's no gainsaying that Narendra Modi is taking the world by storm. More importantly, domestic sentiment, cautiously optimistic till now, is ...

A multi-faceted relationship


Power To Expunge from-

Record of proceedings (by Speaker or Legislature)

Order of  lower Authority (say, by HC, in the Order of ITAT )

When exercisable and to what extent- parameters for ?


 Urban development ministry to launch ‘Social Audit’ for new schemes

<> The  apparently fanciful / eye-catching  prefix "social" by itself cannot be expected to usher in. much less truly accomplishing , the long outstanding "transparency" and "accountability" , without having effective in-built machinery in the planned "Audit",  of any such or like schemes, aimed at the objective of principally societal welfare; and only secondarily the urban development.  

The Greatest Roman Empire may have had its "rise" once, but only to be later (to ignore the time span) followed, inevitably  by "fall ". Nonetheless, a "common man' possessing sheer common sense, is left bewildered, as ever from the hoary past, wondering, - is there anyone on earth, alive, including even those who openly declare to be endowed with the highest level of anyone or more of those  'QUOTIENTS" named "IQ" , "EQ", 'PQ" , so on, or economic or professional expertise/exposure, or by chance happen to be committed to 'ideals" , if not the rarest of all being "ideologies"  likewise declare or vouch for that BANG day of "fall" for such complicity, at any state level or national level.
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Going by media reports, particularly on his recent visit to the US, anyone is inclined and strongly tempted to veer round to the perception and fervent belief that the newly installed leader, by virtue of  his MODI fied  approach to things, and his peculiarly chosen   ‘operandi’, are bound to work favourably. For, after all, the dictionary itself has been kind to him ; in that, “modus operandi ‘ is an expression  which is  interchangeably usable with “ modi (’s) operandi”  or vice versa.

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Ind Exp 

War of blunt positions
  1. Indian Express ‎- 1 day ago
    War of blunt positions ... another spectre is haunting India: chronic regulatory malfunction. ... But corruption is only a small part of the story.

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Modi for environment of trust but no incentives

SC verdict hits private firms, too; Rs 295-a-tonne fine to fetch Centre Rs 7,600 croreThe penalty of Rs 295 a tonne imposed by the Supreme Court on ...

CII-KPMG blueprint for easing biz obstacles

< .....there are four parameters to be urgently studied – the land acquisition process, starting a business, taxation and contract enforcement to curb the continuous decline in ease of doing business.

 Law Commission to propose changes in Arbitration Act soon

Bank on royal treatment

Flex your muscle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly pointed to the need to clear the “jungle of archaic laws... »

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