Friday, September 12, 2014

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While on this subject, not an unrelated misuse or abuse of such websites, freely accessible or for a fee, comes to mind. That is essentially in relation to any material in the form of articles, etc., published on primarily professional websites. With a view to eliciting the readers' /users' views, it is made open inviting  useful and altruistic comments. But, many times, learned or otherwise,for that matter even those professing to be experts  from legal circles, such facility is grossly misused as an avenue, without confining to commenting intelligently and with a sense of decency as expected. That is, not only on the contents of the published material, on merits, etc., but deliberately, out of sheer ignorance or wanting in etiquette or ethics, encroach upon unsavoury or uncivil  personal criticism of the writer , or the others offering their own comments in the right spirit. This is a worrisome aspect which ought to be scrupulously taken care, guarded against, and warded off  on any account, by the owner/ Administrator of the website, through closely motioning and weeding  out strictly in the process of so called 'moderation' ; do so,  both in its own interests,besides the interests of those partaking / interacting in matters , especially of common concern, with an unselfish or impartial attitude .

For knowing why the value of any voluntary feedback, particularly in the form of useful comments on the subject matter of any published material,  calls for a truly knowledgeable and intelligible  appreciation and appropriate reception and reciprocation, it is recommended to closely read the viewpoints shared through the public domain.

(Left Open To Editing By those having better exposure/experience on the foregoing facets)

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