Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Around THe World in...MInutes SEBI, et al


Future of money: Welcome to cashless Sweden video

Leaders in finance and technology are gathering in Las Vegas today as the Money 2020 conference kicks off, where they'll discuss innovations in the global payment market and the future of money. Bloomberg's Willem Marx went overseas to Sweden ahead of the event where alternatives to cash payment are popping up and may even push traditional money out.


Aug 24

 Proposal to Further Boost Secondary Market Disclosures


Posted: 23 Aug 2014 01:38 AM PDT
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Ministry asks Sebi to explain stricter governance norms


 Improving the Ease of Doing Business in India

"Given the various concerns expressed by businesses and investors (both domestic and foreign)... , this is certainly a welcome move."
If critically perceived, subject to a detailed analytical study leading to a right or better conclusion, there is one thing which, it is strongly felt, ought not to be short sighted. That is, the respective "concerns" of businesses and investors are materially different, and in many respects, mutually conflicting.The same intricacy actually holds good, with equal relevance, also in relation to 'domestic' and 'foreign'.
Seems worthwhile researching on, at the very inception of conceiving, and for suitably structuring, in as well balanced  a manner as feasible, such or any other like policy, before gone ahead with and seeking to implement.

Desperately seeking laughter
Desperately seeking laughter
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That World (Globe) IS Round, -nothing said or proven to the contrary until now, - hence might have to be taken as THE RIGHT Idea or Truth that stands demonstrated !

Another eternal actual fact of life, to prove that point is THIS -Why then each one amongst Homo Sapiens , with no exception, happens to be non-stop, with no let-up,  GOING ROUND AND ROUND -within a given radius, with no parametric change or paradigm shift, for the better, for the whole lifetime?????


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