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Spiritual Thoughts ? Not really !

For anyone of those rarest of rare human beings walking the earth in our times, nonetheless who soulfully cares to, - find time, however small or occasionally  it be, and  more importantly,  sometimes  or at least once in a way, BEING INSPIRED, introspect’-  Find the RECIPE HERE
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Bharat Bhushan: One hundred days of soliloquies

Anecdotes and stories might sustain Modi's image as a heroic prime minister, but soon the govt will be judged only by its performance

Jul 29, 2014 at 06:01 pm
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From the time ancient ,Purana times ,there may be mistakes of one or two persons .mistakes would have been due to bad wisdom ,bad thoughts or bad fate and were not born with enough fortunate with good qualities not to commit mistakes and sins which made sinner and sinner and could not come out of sins . due to that others also victims .at those times itself some wise peoples would have taken proper steps for betterment that mistakes should not be repeated .Nice article.... Thanks for sharing...Keep up the good work..!!

Rajendra Pratap Gupta shared a new resource in "Transform India with Modi".

Subject: Real Estate Sector - Inputs on issues.

Through various discussions and upon requests from several of you, we are initiating a new and focused discussion on the Real Estate sector.

I request each one of you to share all the issues you have experienced/observed related to real estate sector in India. Be it black money, corruption, electoral funding, consumer grievances, lack of affordability for middle class, please list out everything.

< .... Be it black money, corruption, electoral funding, consumer grievances, lack of affordability for middle class, please list out everything....> 
It requires to be made a conscious note of is this:

1. black money, 
2. corruption, 
3. electoral funding, 
4. consumer grievances, 
5. lack of affordability for middle class,..-

besides several others left to be listed, are not unrelated , but mutually inter-connected; in that, one is either the product or by-product , or functions or contributes as the catalyst or womb / 'gene' for another.  
May be, for proving  the so-believed sincerity behind the public pronouncements made by the newly elected government, with an impressive  'light and sound'  as not witnessed/heard  in the past, it owes it not merely to bring home happy and hassle free day-to-day  living, honorably and with full property rights, in the respective abodes,   for the 'middle class' so also the 'lower class' . With that as the goal, and to score as fast as feasible, - the first target of frontal attack must be 'corruption'. Likewise, calling for the top most priority to be attended to post haste are the 'consumer grievances'. And, in the ultimate intelligent analysis, each one of these are bound to be duly and automatically taken care or made to fall in place, provided the laws, not to speak of certain deficiencies,  e.g. in case of building complexes, known as condominiums, - in which the property holders have chosen not voluntarily but by force of attendant circumstances,  to live as a 'community' on the faith of the special laws 'in force',   to be given or thrust upon the necessary momentum, and brought to be implemented and enforced with the governments having been vested with all the requisite powers.

< Jottings (To Edit)

<<  ‘Education’ in its profound sense is the most fundamental of all fundamentals , and the mostv essential  of all the necessities of life- that is, for living the way ought to be lived.  It is a national tragedy that has remained to be realised, and pushed to the back row, rather increasingly come to be unrealised with the passage of decades. In our so dubbed modern times, the basic scheme of things that ought or continue  to desirably have been in place, have been unwittingly  subjected  to violent changes, mainly in an unprecedented urge to keep in  tune with the changing mindset of humans.. To be precise,  regardless of the strata, society, family or any other  of life situation an individual belongs to, can only be classified into, and fall under ether of the  two types: Literate illiterates, or illiterate literates. To be precise, to call one ‘educated’ in its righteous sense is tantamount to self-deceit.
In such a disgustingly degraded or degenerated   scenario/  environments, perhaps, if earnestly wish for to bringing about any change for the better, whatever be its true measure,  the only solution can lie in reading and learning the first lessons, - not the traditional so called “3 rs “,from the life books of our venerated old generation,. One that instantly comes to mind is that of the  ‘Educationist’ (‘Educator ‘) par excellence -  A leaf from that real life book  is HERE:  http://yabaluri.org/TRIVENI/CDWEB/radhakrishnantheeducationistapr96.htm


 On the contrary, going by the wisdom, even if were taken to have been gathered at least in hindsight,, the scenario has all along been that of our men in governance all the time looking like 'leading' us; though not actually and factually leading us, much less in the right direction or with the ideally expected or aspired momentum. 

Sources said the contours of the new entity were still being worked out and the PM had only announced the scrapping of the plan panel.
......PM had said, adding that the it would be a "new body with a new soul and new thinking."
The Planning Commission, headed by a deputy chairman, and reporting to the PM, played a crucial role in the distribution of resources but has faced stinging criticism in recent years for losing its relevance. Critics have said it was a "parking lot for cronies" and had limited impact in a market economy.

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<> In today’s super fast changing world, - along with it, to keep pace, the changing nation as well, - the idea of a revolutionary kind, mooted with seemingly all seriousness, can be faulted on no ground. Nonetheless, noting that “contours of the new entity were still being worked out”, is it not too premature to extend the invitation to the public, if at all were intended to receive a positive contribution; instead, should it not have been deferred, at least until after the basic structure / the contours have been conceived of , tentatively decided upon, and given a shape by the law and other concerned  ministries ? An instance of lacking wisdom in putting the cart before the horse !

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