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KAR. State- 'PID' New Innovatiion, BBMP Prop. Tax AND "U"

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Dec 25

Officials Say PID Numbers Will Be Used Only After Validating All Properties In City

Aug 29

Unreal estates

Rajendra Pratap Gupta shared a new resource in "Transform India with Modi".

Subject: Real Estate Sector - Inputs on issues.

Through various discussions and upon requests from several of you, we are initiating a new and focused discussion on the Real Estate sector.

I request each one of you to share all the issues you have experienced/observed related to real estate sector in India. Be it black money, corruption, electoral funding, consumer grievances, lack of affordability for middle class, please list out everything.


  1. ... (KSPCB) for failing to control air and sound pollution in Bangalore, the high court ... "The KSPCB is totally dysfunctional, You have no plan, no action. ... If it is agreed that you have failed to discharge the constitutional duties, .
    ..< ......asked the state government why the watchdog should not be superseded by the Central Pollution Control Board....   

....the court said the board has been in deep slumber for 30 years, surpassing even Kumbhakarna. "Even Kumbhakarna woke up once in 12 years," the court had remarked. >>>>

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This is one of the recent instances, in which the judiciary has, not mincing words, frankly but sternly come out with a sensible verdict against the laws / rules administering authorities , Hope for the people lies on like developments in times to come, for the men in governance, and through the respectively empowered executive and administrative authorities, to remain mindful of the duties and responsibilities imposed on them , put the derailed nation back on its track, and determinedly chug forward, to make life on this planet worth living.

Overcoming the Occupancy Certificate hurdle to your dream home
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No mistaking that the write-up is brimming/flooded with 'ideas', verging on 'ideals' (if not 'ideologies'); to say the least, mostly stale in the sense missed one very basic thing, called 'pragmatism'. The concluding line/ the 'catch 2' words ( -'political will'), in fact, bears on its sleeves that the writer herself has no reservation but impliedly concedes what really is the irresolute  'stumbling block'/ the most abhorring field reality !

Comm :
< Certainly deserves to be thanked for the pains sincerely taken and frankly sharing seemingly own experience with a promoter/seller. i have only one nagging doubt; that is, has the writer perchance ever happen to have had a close look at what is the form and substance of so called OC being issued,- if at all so issued and anyone is so exceptionally lucky as to be the recipient and in possession of one such doct., considered essential. A related Info. , - sharing the fact that BBMP has long since ceased to issue a 'clean' OC; but instead, issue a 'conditional ' one ; which, in a manner of speaking, has the effect of throwing back the (ball of) entire responsibility for 'compliance' to the promoter/builder , - may be found readily available in a comment posted quite sometime ago , on an article @citizen matters. To my recollection, comments have been similarly posted After locating and going through that post, if have anything to add, may do so, for the common benefit of, and to be helpful to, the others.

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Not UNrelated .


CIT vs. M/s Nayan Builders and Developers (Bombay High Court)

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 Builders pay taxes till property is transferred to society


 a quixot says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This makes for a really welcome development, in favor of the home buyers. Needs to be regarded as a high sounding wake-up -, nay -awakening call, by all those flats/apartments buyers as a community, spread across the length and breath of every State.

Subject to/pending a study in detail of the court’s Order:

In one’s longstanding conviction, and as is being canvassed all along, the very sensible opinion handed down by the consumer court should go a long way in having settled, amicably, without having to go court, OR OTHERWISE, all out- standing lawful but left- unfulfilled -demands against promoter. 

Logically, but equally, it could be validly urged, the same opinion must hold good even to cases in which, -by force of circumstances,  left with no other option , the buyers’ as a body, whether duly constituted as a legal entity or not, have taken over from promoter, called ‘financial take over’,-that is, simply the responsibility to attend to maintenance and other such works/affairs in relation to the building complex, pending the ‘final conveyance’ as mandated by the law. Also, should equally hold good, if not with greater force, to ‘apartments complex’ as well.





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Your new PID, how to get it : S Srinivasan - Citizen Matters ... >

No response to query / point of doubt posted, so far; that is, on the point of limited query re "BA' or/ X SBA'. Believed, it will have been taken a conscious note of ; in that, it is a very crucial info., and unless furnished correctly by anyone (of course, to use the dubious conventional expression,- "to the best of knowledge and information") has the inherent peril/unpleasant consequence of the BBMP's entire well-meaning programme   going haywires / awry. For which, it is the ‘information provider’ who might have to own the entire blame.

Incidentally, wprt certain comment posted by author himself, one feels strongly, those require to be reviewed in proper light.
As perceived, this is a topic admittedly entailing ‘public interest’ (in its altruistic and profound sense); hence calls for a devout focus in proper light..

Key Note: The concept of 'sba' itself, which is not a legal concept but a self-centric / -motivated creation of  players in the realty sector ; and BBMP 's SAS based thereon, is , as further reviewed, and per tentative impression, points to one thing : an irregularity , verging on a 'fraud', foisted on the gullible, invariably low-aroused, taxpayers, by obligating them to use a method involving and resulting in a duplication / excess levy.

< Subject to a further probe in-depth. 

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< betterment chargesbbmp - eco pack -

Blackmailers using RTI Act to blackmail builders - TaxGuru


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