Thursday, July 3, 2014

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  Depositors’ body flays banks’ move to charge for ATM use by non-customers

Seeks RBI, Banking Codes Standards Board intervention to thwart efforts The All India Bank Depositors’ Association (AIBDA) has panned the proposal by banks to deny customers the convenience of a ...

 Multipurpose Empanelment for the year 2014-15 for bank audits

Banking on better times

Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia, and Mittu Chandilya, CEO of AirAsia India...
Invoking the Essential Commodities Act and clamping export restrictions on potatoes and onions will not address food inflation
One must appreciate the urgency and seriousness with which this government is seeking to deal wit... »

< "Knee-jerk solutions" obviously meaning "knee-jerk" remedial action / steps , as seem to have been rightly pointed out, will possibly prove not as effective as planned; bur on the contrary turn out to be counter-productive. In short, may yield results causing knee-jerk to those seeking to find solutions themselves. in this context, one is provoked to recall with remorse that historically, even by declaring the most public-centric services of all as 'essential services', e.g. banking , decades ago, nothing much worth even a passing mention is remembered to have been really accomplished. For instance, bank strikes off and on called by the unions, many times on the drop of a hat, in recent times has only left the national economy impaired/crippled, besides causing havoc/discomfiture to the people dealing with banks , including industries, and what not. What Mrs Grundy has to say will be worth the attention !

Major ramification for RJio, Airtel
A technical committee of the Department of Telecom has said that an audit mechanism must... »

You thought it was time to say

Tea time Musings (with a different not-so-amusing stroke)>

Seizing the opportunity to have a look outside the window, - 
From the manufacturers'/sellers' point of view, pushing up marketing of split ACs will make sense. But certainly not that of the owners /residents of flats /apartments complexes;particularly in the context of growing tendency not to provide 'balconies' , which has come to be looked upon as a luxury. The point in mind is that,  in the result, and as an inevitable  but objectionable consequence, the second part of the split AC gets mounted on to the exterior common wall of the building; which the law says is part of the 'common areas', the commonly owned and  meant for the common enjoyment  , and not for individual's  use/ exclusive enjoyment . Besides the added noise pollution, that also entails potential damage to the exterior walls.  Seemingly, worthwhile to give some rightful thoughts*.

*also to other contrivances of personal use e.g. 'dish antennae' /mounted exhibited likewise ! 


Government may take the sting out of SEBI | Business Line
7 hours ago - Capital market regulator SEBI may have to settle for reduced authority following protests against it being given search and ... Lessons for SEBI

As has been often criticized in knowledgeable circles, there have been instances in the past, within living memory, in which the SEBI,  has , unwittingly or otherwise, out strtched /over stepped its assigned powers as a mere regulatory authority by choosing to follow patently misconceived ideas of its own, recklessly, thereby exceeding its brief. One of the irritants has been its sporadic resort to rules- /- decision making, without much of a home work as warranted in the wholesome interests of the national economy.

There is no gainsaying that the utmost need, nay opportune time, for  monitoring and regulating the functions of  SEBI, so also of the other like regulatory or semi regulatory authorities, has come to surface in a big way.

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