Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'PROgress' x 'CONgress' - a new story; Richie Rich , et al

 >>>>>>SEBI serves notice to broker on ₹2,000-crore deal
At a time when everybody is talking about foreign institutional investors pumping millions of do... »

Rolling in riches


India’s development story is work-in-progress, says PM
< The Commission, Singh said, needs to evaluate its approach to problems and challenges in the evolving economic scenario.

Expressing satisfaction over the working of the Planning Commission during the UPA’s 10-year rule, Singh hoped that it would “subject itself to a critical review and continue to play a leading role in the policy debate in government and in the development of our nation”.

The Prime Minister said that the total gross budgetary support (resources for Central and State plans) in 2004-05 was ₹1.32-lakh crore and in the current year it is expected to be around ₹5.5-lakh crore.
“I sometimes wonder at this massive expansion in resources and the impact that this could have if used efficiently,” he said.

<> Is 'somersault' (or 'summersault') the right word to describe the new found official expression of introspection/realization, though belated, of the realities all around. One cannot help taking the opportunity to loudly wonder, even at this late hour,- whether Mr M Singh, recognized and commended years ago by a great visionary as a 'technocrat' ,would have proved his mettle had he been given a recurrent role, fittingly of FM, not as PM. by eventually churning out an altogether different but palatable story !

<><> To recall with nostalgia- 'nani' speaking on the Budget 93-94, said of Mr Singh:
" not a politician but a technocrat. He has introduced a Budget which a mere poiltician would have thought possible only through witchcraft or fraud, to use the words of The Economist."

In a lighter vein, nani said,- English has not been kind to Congress, - quipping on the two words with opp. meaning, "PROgress" and "CONgress".

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