Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freedom of WEB.

 Bill Moyers with Jim Hightower: Grass Roots Grow Against Greed


Supreme Court bans warrantless cell phone searches


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Whether report

Posted By  Jug Suraiya   01 May 2014, 09:25 PM IST

Whoever forms the new government will face a terrorist threat called El Nino A new terrorist threat called El Nino is looming over the horizon for India. How will the next government at the Centre tackle it? Jugular Vein sought the opinions of three... 

a quixot (ind) says:
May 02,2014 at 12:06 PM IST
where is my comment posted successfully ? hope TOI is not stooping down to playing the same dubious trick as complained of in regard to that as in. (namo) modi's website ????!!!

a quixot (ind) says:
May 02,2014 at 09:40 AM IST
Yes JS ; you are right in providing such hoilarious tit bits , with an increased frequency, espcially these days when the nation is over / hyper stressed and looking for an outlet - to try and let the steam off / get some reprieve of this sort !

  Enduring images of democracy, a few shameful ones too

  • Seven civilians killed after suspected terrorists opened fire in Assam's Kokrajhar: Times Now
  • Seven civilians killed after suspected terrorists opened fire in Assam's Kokrajhar: Times Now
  • Seven civilians killed after suspected terrorists opened fire in Assam's Kokrajhar: Times Now
  • Seven civilians killed after suspected terrorists opened fire in Assam's Kokrajhar: Times Now

Modi's reference to Ahmed Patel as 'good friend' edited out

Himanshi Dhawan
Modi's reference to Cong leader Ahmed Patel as a "good friend" who has stopped taking calls was edited out by DD when it telecast an interview with Modi on Sunday.  |     

a quixot(ind)

If read with the least complicated sensible approach, this one sees to make for a comedy of views and counter-views; in the least, in any case, making (not even) an iota of difference to a commoner, or to the society at large. To put it with a different stroke, at best such reports do not count (or 'contribute' anything); if at all, except for its 'sensational' flavor or hilarious touch given, as often, by TOI.


Why talk of a 'lion' and 'we'; is it not equally true, more so, even if anyone were to be talking to another of same species ; say, 'we' the humans, UNLESS ON the SAME WAVE LENGTH - the novel idea of 'walking the talk' being no exception !

Wanderlust in Africa

A terrifying yet haunting wilderness on the page »

Online Payment
Threats TO


Ready Ref.

for study>>>>>

... overreactions, risks. Posted on April 18, 2014 at 6:26 AM ... The Hidden Battles to Capture Your Data and Control ... Photo of Bruce Schneier by Per ...


On a reading by even a layperson (non-techie) , one believes, is sure to have sent a strong wave of second thought compelling to wonder wildly how and why then there is so much of walking the talk in favour of ...The most worrisome of all , from the viewpoint of a 'commoner' is how and to what extent, if not 'nil' , it could be even remotely  considered a safe bet to proceed on the premise and rely on a chap called from down the road, who you believe at least knows (certainly not to be taken an 'expert' in any sense) his job to take on and resolve related/connected frontline  problems;  so as to justify his charges, with no limit, and not to regret of having  thrown away good money after an empty -headed.

Bruce Schneier explains why there is no privacy on the Internet Date: Mar 14, ... He also discusses the evolution of PCI DSS and mobile payment security.
We specialise in integrated member loyalty card, electronic point of sale, and door access control systems. Our systems are designed to operate on the latest ...

Brazil's 'Internet Bill of Rights' a Victory for Web Freedom

This must instantly provoke thoughts in the mind of anyone concerned with the patently outdated ideas and myths surrounding many other relatedc aspects. one such aspect pertains to the view held/conttinued top be held in the matter of disseminating and sharing with others own thoughts and viewpoints on any particular topic havng far reaching implications and repurcussiions on the societal welfare, or commn good, or a section of the people in the society.

For a ready appreciation of the concern though expressed but failing to percolate, following specmen individually experienced may be narrated:

professional >

publications in the form of, - news letters, journals, so on


CAclubof india



Non-professional >


DAILIES - Financial, et al

< NOT Unrelated THESE >>>


5.1.6 Trust between Professionals and Citizens

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Progressive business interests are with us: Rahul

Inclusive agenda Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi making a point V Sudershan ‘Modi promotes cronies; poverty cannot be fought without growth’ »


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