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July 2

Three questions on the Chennai building collapse

Finally, if a home buyer is indeed caught in a situation such as this, what is the recourse? When the property is under construction, IF THE UNDIVIDED SHARE OF LAND (UDS) HAD BEEN REGISTERED  in favour of the individual buyer, then owners can form an association to fight a case against the builder and Government agencies, says Sundar. But the process will be a long drawn one, due to the backlogs in the system.


 June 26
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 07:12 AM PDT
          By Accommodation Times News Service Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has offered a solution to the residents Campa Cola that will ensure the 96 illegal flats are not demolished and they return to legal flats. CM has showed willingness o take the opinion of solicitor-general Ranjit Kumar and advocate-general Darius Khambata […]

Zero tolerance

Govt should prevent construction of illegal floors and buildings

< The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill was meant to bring to an end all such unsavoury practices. This was obviously not to the liking of the builders. Therefore, it isn't surprising that the Bill is yet to become law.> ?????



Recent Article in Real Estate

Investments in realty shrank 65% in 2013

" legal and is approved from Noida Authority.”
"......Campa Cola Housing Complex in Mumbai for illegal construction. Later, it stayed the demolition till May this year.
Common man has been wildly wondering, if not been least bothered or  not perplexed, over such news coming in a series.
1.  Why courts need to be called upon to deal and take upon selves to adjudicate on such matters of admitted  illegalities – in which no point of law or question of any constitutional or statutory right involved; thereby, wasting courts’ valuable time and energy  expected to be devoted to  more important/priority  matters having wider ramifications for the people / society at large ?

2. Q   ” legal and is approved from Noida Authority.”

“......Campa Cola Housing Complex in Mumbai for illegal construction. Later, it stayed the demolition till May this year.”  UQ

As observed, stands taken are mutually conflicting; no way to readily see, or even venture an honorable guess, the truth or falsehood behind, without a long drawn investigation.
Is it not high time that courts have the doors kept closed , and strictly not entertain  such disputes, in which it is the concerned administrative authorities, besides , of course, the aggrieved  low- or lately- aroused private parties,  who have to exclusively  share the entire blame for all such episodes coming to be given publicity day in and day out?
3.  What the fully and exclusively empowered housing ministry/urban development authorities at the centre and /or state have been doing all along; except to remain recacitrantly mute spectators, unless and until both sides decide to knock at the doors of courts ?
4.  Last but not least, should not those be in any case made not merely a necessary party but ranked / lined up as the first and principal parties ; also be called upon to explain ?

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