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Some thoughts on LBT Agitation in Maharashtra


1. AUDIT of Accounts of .., et al *>

1A.  taxguru.in empanelment of auditors for housing socities      

      Empanelment of Auditor for Audit of Cooperative Societies - TaxGuru


The write-up confines itself to the state of Maharashtra. However, it calls for a specially pointed mention that the amendments of the Constitution are of relevance and equal application to all the states in India.
As of now, till the respective States have carried out the consequentially wanted changes in the own independent state enactments in force, by suitably incorporating the referred amendments in general, and in so far as they are to apply to housing societies in particular, the announced empanelment of auditors is, in no way, relatable thereto.
Going by one’s information, in certain states (e.g. Karnataka) housing societies (in Karnataka, ‘owners’ associations) have remained, for long, to be brought within the purview of the Co-operative Societies Act.
Of course, as one imagines, until that happens, auditors would, in the audit reports, require to incorporate a suitably framed qualification Note, so as to bring out the actual factual state of affairs. To hint at, may be, it will require to be disclosed to the effect that the audited accounts of such entities (housing societies or associations) are subject to changes, if any called for, if and when the state enactment comes to be modified and the so amended provisions take effect.
Over to the ICAI, besides its concerned members,for a proper examination,and further deliberation, as considered necessary, for providing useful guidance, on a timely basis.

Some thoughts on LBT Agitation in Mah

2. www.diehardindian.com/
MC's Duties and Powers ? >
<> http://www.diehardindian.com/ngo/download/model-bye-laws.pdf

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  1. Relevant Provisions for Accounts and Audit of Housing Societies


    Housing Societies have to function within the frame work of following provisions: .... Theauditors also required to send a copy of the Auditor report to the ...
  2. [PDF]

    Accounts and audit of the society


    records by a Co-operative Housing Society under the Central Act. However, the ... g) Receipts of the collection of charges transfer fees and other funds of the society. ...Every society shall keep at the registered address of the Society, a copy of .... (a) Every society is required to submit Audit Rectification Report on the audit ...

  3. Empanelment of Auditor for Audit of Cooperative Societies - TaxGuru


    Mar 8, 2013 – 6) The documents shall be submitted in Xerox copies duly attested, no original copies shall be sent. The original copies may be verified, if required, before finalization of ... (1) (a) The society shall cause to be audited its accounts at least ....Housing Co-operative societies, to appoint empanel CA as auditor ...

  4. Is your housing society using the maintenance charge for your benefit?

    articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com › Collections  Society

    Oct 15, 2012 – You could call him the Arvind Kejriwal of his housing society. ... fund of the cooperative housing society, when not required immediately, must ... internalauditor and the account statements should be submitted for audit to the ...

  5. Audit Co-Op Soc - jadhavauditor


    Audit of Co-operative Housing Societies in MAHARASHTRA ... 5) The Indian Contract Act 1872, Transfer of Property Act 1882 & Sale of Goods Act 1930. ... Sec.81(1)(b) – Other societies to get accounts audited from panel of auditors ... Rule 69(7) – Summary of Audit Memorandum prepared by the Auditors required to be ...

  6. Society Act - BC Laws


    Amendment of financial statements and report ... statement without delay and send it to the auditor. ... (b) the directors must mail to the members a copy of the ... 53 (1) For the purposes of an audit under this Act, the ... the time within which a society isrequired to hold an ...

  7. The Cooperative Societies Act 1925 - Punjab Laws Online


    Address of societies. 21. Copy of Act etc., to be open to inspection. 22. Audit. ... 59-A.Transfer of property which cannot be sold. .... with the object of obtaining for its members the credit, goods or services required by them; ..... (1) Every housing and producers' society, in addition to the audit of accounts under section 22, shall ...

  8. Adopt New Model Bye-Law before 30th April | Consumer Resources


    Mar 10, 2013 – It has become necessity for all the co-operative housing societies to call for a Special General Body Meeting before 30.04.2013 to adopt the ...

  9. Audit Circular - Registrar Cooperative Society


    All Group Housing Societies, which have been allotted land until the ... for the sameauditors, who have been engaged by the society for their accounts/internal audit. ... All the Coop societies required to follow this direction strictly failing which ... 53 of Delhi L.c'operative Societies Act, 1972, should send a copy of their audit ...



    Formation and registration of co-operative housing societies 4A. ... Application for merger or transfer of engagements between societies 12. ... Registers and accounts40. ... Auditor to submit report Division 6-Directions of Registrar 44C. ... Audit 57. Financial year Division 3-Valuations 58. Valuations of property to be made ...

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