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Update on "Computerisation"


A mouse click is no match to express-speed Railway clerks

Efficient hands: Early birds get the best pickWhy early birds get the best pickings at the Railways ticket queue »


<> Observed to blow hot and cold with the same breath! Be that as would not have been unexpected, at least goes to emphasize one's conviction that, any day, 'computerization' by itself cannot prudently  be expected to hold the solution for each one of the  inherent hardships  meted out to the common man lining up in the "Q"..
As a great thinker suggested, to the effect, in his wisdom, and with unadulterated earnestness:
In the computer world, ‘user-friendliness' means the designing of a computer with the needs and convenience of the user in mind, Not only that, but also need to be conscious of its objective; in order to design or develop,  with user- friendliness uppermost in mind. 

At the end of the day, all the more requires to be realized is the reality that any such so called rapid advancement  in technology could only eventually prove 'unproductive' or 'counter-productive' ; further that, after all, computer , even if it be a good servant, ought not to be elevated to the position of a 'master'  and prefer to be subdued and be its slave.

Update on Service Tax

28 May 2013

FE on GST >
Column: GST back on the right trackFrom a road block a few months ago, the goods and services t..


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July 1



Don’t leave banking to machines

Technology is a good servant, but a bad master. — P.V. SivakumarHigh-speed banking ramps up efficiency, but can lead to instantaneous ruin. »      
<> Weekend Musings:

Most of the things said, in technical jargon, are prima facie too technical to be understood by a common reader. Nonetheless, the underlying message of caution seems to be quite loud and clear: Computer technology  forming the very core of so-called ‘core banking’ (in place in banking industry) has no mind or brain,  anyway no heart, of its own, unlike the ones  given to man by his most benevolent CREATOR,  acclaimed by sages to be- omnipotent omnipresent and omniscient.  If at all, what the man -made machinery possesses   is simply a preset brain –with no will or wish, much less whims and fancies of/ on its own. That explains the sane caution against the inherent risks as given by Einstein (world renowned scientist, widely praised for his 'super brain') ; that is, to the effect, - to abjectly and mindlessly surrender to any man-made  machinery, as a slave to master, could only be decried as the  most foolish or insane thing  for the man himself to do.
In a recently reported tax case, passing strictures and handing down writ(s) of mandamus in relation to the hardships and woes taxpayers subjected to by the tax gatherers , Sanjiv khanna J is noted to have echoed the selfsame caution:
“Whether computerisation and Central Processing of …. is a boon or bane is rather simple to answer, as benefits of computerisation easily outweigh and out score any argument to the contrary. Computerization does away with human or manual element and the frailties attached and ensure transparency besides being quick and fool proof. Alas, it is a human element and frailties which have resulted in the present Public Interest Litigation (PIL) …”
3. “With our noticeable scientific progress, we have reached a stage when the only threat to man, left to be met *, is man himself. In the zoo at Alaska there is a cage where the notice reads,- “the world’s most dangerous animal “. Inside the cage there is no animal but a mirror where you see yourself. “
(*should it not be better read, to reflect upon the reality, - “commonly and routinely being met day- in and day-out (or perforce faced with)!”
“To quote Lord Keynes: Words ought to be a little wild because they represent the assault of thought upon the unthinking. The India governmental machinery may be likened to prehistoric monster incapable of intelligently controlling itself.”

Rightly and intelligently observed:

in the computer world, ‘user-frndliness' means the desigming of a computer with the needs and convenience of the user in mind, - not only from the limited commercial perspective or in-box wisdom of its designer or of the one at whose behest it is designed, --but its profound objective. As such, say, in the field of banking business or tax administration, computerisation adapted ought to be , first and foremost, with assessee or customer friendliness in mind; same way as the laws rules or regulations should be framed with the needs and convenience of customers or taxpayers in mind.
Thinking aloud, - do not these ideas and words or thoughts borrowed  from a person well known and reputed for his national outlook, aptly and squarely fit into the context herein !
(Source:  Published articles and speeaches of 'Nani', the Book – We, the Nation THE LOST DECADES)
Tail piece (not a joke but reflecting the quality of today’s so -dubbed “education” :
Teacher (sounding as a quiz master):  Why a ball, even one like a heavy weighing shot-put ball, thrown up in the air seeks its way down to earth with more speed?
Pupil (quick on his feet):  Sir, I think- there is none up over there to catch it, that is why!!
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May 26, 2013

Relationship banking

With reference to ‘Don’t leave banking to machines’ (Business Line, May 25), banking is a business based on trust and relationship. Machines have no doubt increased customers’ delig... »

<><> Relationship, , also known as 'rapport',  is a MUST, for the mutual benefit of both the service provider and the serviced; regardless of the nature of service, not confined to banking..
Remember to have read some time ago a very illuminating article by an eminent doctor in practice of medicine (a 'profession', noble one at that, as oppiosed to 'business'),  for decades, in then Madras and today's Chennai.
Between then and now changes seem to have overtaken every idea or attribute  peculiar or natural to human; thereby  rendering the normally expected relationship between any two of them almost extinct.


Are housing finance companies relevant? - YES

Housing loans in India are offered both, by banks as well as housing finance companies (HFCs). »
The current demand for bank credit is being driven by the retail segment, particularly housing loans ... »


RBI will take some time to act against banks flouting KYC norms

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