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BL b/f < mohan rl's Rotating <> Auditors !

Is rotating auditors a good idea?

There is an old saying that equates the medical, legal and accounting professions, by holding that one should never lie to one’s doctor...

<> As told by a friend, philosopher and guide - known for his exemplary wisdom and more for his quick wits- modified to fit into the context herein:

Episode 1 > A young man freshly qualified Ph D (Doctor) in Agricultural Engineering and Technology (<link provided for reading more) happened to stumble on an article @Ghani: A traditional method of oil processing in India. Only to get extremely excited and curious to have an on- the- spot know of it. Hence set out on a journey to a village in Punjab learnt to be still thriving in that old time cottage industry.

Doctor got hold of a local guide to go to a farmer’s work site. Who introduced the guest to the farmer as a very learned man, a Doctor, the highest qualification one can hope to accomplish and be proud on earth ; and that doctor is simply interested to hear and see for himself  how the conventional out-of-date contraption of the farmer worked. The farmaer was overwhelmingly enamoured and pleased, that he offered both a nice cup of tea , with some home made snacks. 

Doctor Witnessed the two bullocks yoked together and harnessed to the axis, going  round and round in circles along the oft beaten  track. Suddenly it occurred to Doctor, who wondered aloud : when the farmer took a break and went home , would the bullocks still continue with the task. Pat came the farmer’s reply, -Sir, of course ; added that, the non-stop  jingling of the  bells tied around their necks, when being shaken,  would ensure that.

Doctor had another quick doubt !-What if the bullocks wickedly stooped to halt but kept on shaking their heads.

With folded hands, in a prayerful gesture towards the sky, the farmer hastily cleared the doubt, but with unmistakably mischievous sparks in his eyes:  Sir, as good luck would have it, my bullocks are not academically qualified, anyway not done a Ph D. !

Can anyone see its connectivity to the subject write-up; if not , not to relent but keep trying. Beg to be pardoned if still  not succeed (look for help, below!!

<><> Comment posted:

"...but then rules are NORMALLY MADE for the masses that follow them and not the minority who skip them. .."(big font substituted)

What is sought to be conveyed is not clear or readily decipherable. It is prima facie a generalisation, standing out as a like instance , just as missing the stone for a dog  or mistaking the rope for a snake;  or vice versa.  In one's conviction, that has something to do with individualistic perception or perspective.  By and large, any man-made rule,  if it were strictly and sincerely founded and structured, to the core, having regard /in mind profoundly  good and sane principles, also sincerely  implemented /enforced, with no reservation whatsoever - which, of course, is invariably never  the case or reality of life, difficult- to-precisely- define concepts such as, 'small' or 'big' should automatically pale into insignificance or immateriality or irrelevance. For, the success or otherwise of any such principle- based -rule is then mainly, if not wholly, dependent upon the following / compliance therewith, by either , small or big , alike.
Episode 2 

C / B

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