Friday, May 17, 2013

BL 17th GST for ..(Go Slow Tactics ?)

GST – still a distant dream?

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and Chairman of the GST Empowered Committee, Sushil Kumar Modi. — Ranjeet KumarFinally, there seems to be some progress in GST implementation, with States at least trying to reach a consensus of key issues. »     1 comment

<> The conclusion rightly charts the road map for GST, which has been under repair, since inception of the idea, with no noted progress.. Not at all surprising it is, being on the dotted lines; thanks to the  polarized polity marked by the popular sport favoured by both the centre and the states; not infrequently by those accustomed to same side goal, with no regard to the national interests.

<><> To be forthright and honest, from  individual’s standpoint,  truthfulness  of which has come to be more forcefully demonstrated by the  events in recent times,- no party can be less blamed than another, for  any development /progress  or lack of it in any such subject matter  of  public policy. The debate whether or not party system is an evil or abolition of it would be a greater evil has been an endless one for  years  now, if not for decades. To recall a quotable quote from the most pregnant words of Jeremy Bentham  (who lived  far back in the 18th century) : “Not  having the honour to be the Pope, I have no pretentions to infallibility, not having the honour  to belong to any party, I am under no promise never to become wiser”.
Another memorable quote:  “The time is gone when “congress” was a word to conjure with. It is curious that the English language has not been too kind to the* ruling party in India. The word “pro-gress” is almost the exact opposite of “con-gress”.
                                                     (*read in, -then))
For enjoying  the above,  in its original form, contextual flavour,  recommended to read in full the   published Address of no less a great thinker and great visionary of our times, than Nani A Palkhivala
( delivered in April 1974 at the  All India conference of Citizens for Democracy ; Source: WE. THE PEOPLE)

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