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Does Anybody In The Govt. Care For The Welfare Of The Income-tax Tribunal?

"The author, an eminent advocate, is unable to hide his frustration .... nobody has bothered to address the core problems being faced by the Mother Tribunal. The author again lists out the core issues and urges the Government to shed its apathy, get its act together and act speedily to save this majestic judicial Institution from decay"

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<> To Comment or Not To ?!   With aim to achieve or accomplish what; especially, if one were to keep in hindsight , rather as a backdrop, the move to set up a National Tribunal mooted long ago but put and remaining in cold storage ... a still born child to say so?  

All such honest but forthright expressions of emotions/ frustration  even if it be from an eminent advocate as herein, not not for the first time, are, going by wisdom gathered in hindsight, as is commonly believed, seen to have no hope for any fruitful outcome. 

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Also to be kept in view and focus, rather in the backdrop, the fate of the move made long ago for setting up a National Tribunal, with usual fanfare and publicity but paled into insignificance just as an idler's dream !

these petitions, the constitutional validity of the National Tax Tribunal Act, 2005 (`Act' for short) is challenged ...
Andhra Pradesh, . 10. His next contention is that this Tax Tribunal is sought to be established in exercise of power ... required to be promulgated to set up the National Tax Tribunal. It is not in dispute that Parliament is competent
Calcutta High Court 
- Cites 23 - Cited by 0 - 
(2004) 186 CTR Cal 686 
- K J Sengupta

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