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Present Lok Sabha could be the least productive in history

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This has come closely on the heels of the just days old media report: PM appeals to Opposition to allow Parliament function normally !
Mrs Grundy is aghast, rather extremely perturbed and perplexed; wonderingly asks (with a different stroke): Has it EVER been any different ; adding,-especially should the measure of  'productivity' were to be 'qualitative', not quantitative' ?!

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PM appeals to Opposition to allow Parliament function normally

"Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed his Government’s intention to reach out to the Opposition on key legislations scheduled to be taken up for approval in Parliament, which... »
It all sounds, even to the lowliest of common men, prima facie ridiculous. It is a tragedy that the Nation has been gradually and increasingly veering round to reach such a stage. A stage in which their own  chosen heads of the governments  and of the legislative bodies (the  speakers) have had to keep on reminding  endlessly, to make ‘eternity’  intelligible, about the ideal concept of 'normalcy' in the functioning of legislative bodies.. And as to why, in the larger interests of the nation (to be precise, the people who have elected them and supposedly represent), it is imperative for them, selves being the makers of the 'laws' , ought to eschew the diagonally opposite unlawful  trait of - 'abnormality' in every respect, particularly in its functioning.

Independent judiciary and interest groups

To strengthen Fundamental Rights, Parliament could amend the Constitution, but for the better.After the 1980s, special interest groups have preferred to knock on the doors of the judiciary. »
To remorsefully recall, Nani Palkhivala, a truly great legal luminary  and a devout  expert on  Constitutional Law said:
“The Constitution is not a structure of fossils like a coral reef and is not merely to enable politicians to play their unending game of power. It is meant to hold the country together when the raucous and fictitious voices of today are lost in the silence of the centuries.”
May be worthwhile to add:  It might no longer be apt to call it a ‘game’; instead of, quite fittingly, calling it a ‘gamble’ (of power)-which, in any case, after all, is the supervening and dominant ORDER of the day.
The other aspect of equal relevance and societal importance touched upon, rightly so, has impliedly underlined the need of the hour, for a proactive judiciary, in order to fill in the gaping void in the realm of justice.  In support, the recent Delhi High Court  Order in the tax case  (refer the report @the Link -HC issued guidelines to end TDS credit & refund adjustment harassment of Assessee by CPU ; also the article @ Take up TDS problems with deductors, Delhi High Court tells taxmen) is noteworthy.

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