Thursday, April 11, 2013

AT Realty News, with a difference from Hsg, Mini.

Builders must stop their greed : Sachin Ahire

Such a sagely, nay profoundly sane, advice of its kind is not redily found acceptable and hence invariably remained to be frowned upon to be too ideological to be put into practice. The fact that this time, for a change, it has come from the Hsg. Ministry requires and  deserves to be made a focussed note. Also, needs to be heeded; not only in the interest of the players in the realty sector in which the obtaining irregularities or illegalities have been continued for too long to be decried and remedied. But also it seems worth listening by the buyers community itself, in their own interests. Albeit, in reality, by and large, the buyers  have chosen to remain boneless wonders; thereby, a willing victim for its own self-centred reasons or  motive,- mainly with an unrighteous aim or objective of making gains in a short run.

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