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2G scam ?! - Waiting in the corner - the Next Mega Release !!!!


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By Jug
The concept of “Democracy”  has been doing its round all the time; in recent times, going by the media, it has been provoked to ‘dance’, a ‘junglee’ type at that .
One is left unsure whether Jug is talking of ‘democracy’ in its profoundly original meaning or as a ‘synonym’ (‘meaning as another’).
Brevity is the soul of ‘wit’. For once, purposely  not inclined not to follow that ideal, looking back / reversely  but fast turning  the pages of history , -the toi , in its ‘SESQUI CENTENNIAL  PUBLICATION, 1992 ‘- one finds a cryptic quote, as re-quoted:
< H.L . Mencken described American democracy as a “boobocracy” of, by and for the “vast herd of human blanks” who have neither the interest nor the capacity for intelligent self-government. This style of expression is impolitic and impolite. But as you thump through those pages and see how government after  government succumbed to populism when what that country needed was leadership, you are tempted to tell yourself that even what is impolite and impolitic has to be said in a country whose national motto is “Truth Shall Prevail”.>
(Source: Book, We, the Nation > “Panorama of the Last Decades” –pg 323)
Poser: should that be true even for that ‘once –was- super-power’, how our nation can remain insulated from that irresistible external influence. extra strong.
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2G scam: DoT policies from 1999 flawed, says draft JPC report

A political storm was set off today after the Joint Parliamentary Committee report on telecom gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the 2G spectrum scam of 2008 and faulted the Department of Telecom»      1 comment

<> The draft (mark the word !) report of the committee- “......and faulted the Department of Telecom for flaws in the various policy decisions taken from 1999 onwards.”

The humble common man has, of course, for obvious reasons, no way or means, or imaginably not so equipped,  as to even remotely  offer any comment  on the merits or other wise of the misdeeds of the men in governance reported on. Except that, what is abhorring or astounding is the fact that, it refers to, - VARIOUS policy decisions’, taken FROM 1999 ONWARDS (that is, in a span of well over a decade).
The solace or comfort can seldom be found in the old saying/belief, - “der aye durust aaye”.
To recall, with the same breath, however, what the great humanitarian of our times (Nani Palkhivala) himself said, while dwelling on the topic of, - Lethal Controls, (not in an unrelated context) :
“For a people whose natural motto “Truth shall prevail”, we do remarkably well in the way of propagating and swallowing falsehoods” (in any quantity!)......"Between our licensing regulations and the provisions of the Monopolies Act, the inbuilt delays make eternity intelligible....”


Banks and funny money

& Time for some ground work

To keep project costs down, all clearances should be complete before calling for tenders.It is not just the tepid economic environment that is to blame. Delayed clearances impact infrastructure projects. »

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