Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unreal estate- jug suraiya TOI Issue of 3-3-'11

Indeed a commendable write-up; so thought provoking that the readers have chosen to, through a variety of comments, give vent to their individual pent-up feelings and remorse. But sadly, they all seem to have, unwittingly or otherwise, omitted to even whisper against one very important and highly objectionable thing-namely, ‘private swimming pools’ in vogue. As is the hard fact, ‘water’ -the most essential commodity, the nature given one at that, is increasingly in short supply/becoming scarce. As is being trumpeted off and on, the day is not far off when it might become nearly extinct. I so, is it not a matter, which should be of ‘common concern’ to one and all. Not long before, one read about a ‘private swimming pool’ constructed on the common terrace of an apartment building; allegedly with the local authority’s so - dubbed‘approval /sanction’; lately revealed but acknowledged to be ‘illegal’. The mind-boggling and brain-teasing point to ponder is –where are we really heading to?!

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