Sunday, March 13, 2011


Actions Against Independent Directors

On March 11, 2011 
SEBI passed an order in ..... 

My impulsive, nay intuitive, reaction is, - this clearly goes to unfailingly demonstrate the inborn or inherent human nature, or inner urge to try and meet, or should that be realised, as most often than not is the case, to be almost or nearly impossible, -or by whatever name one chooses to call it,- go on..and on .. Debating but with no worthwhile end result, ideally fruitful one at that.
To put it in a layperson’s language – ‘going round and round in circles’! For a better understanding, visualise a dog on the roadside that often tries but fails to bite off a fly sitting pretty on its tail; alternatively, visualise - the proverbial – ‘tail wagging the dog’ - which is not an unusual sight– albeit, ‘dog wagging its tail’, one thinks, is normal and hence regarded, by and large, a natural ‘phenomenon’.
Caution: No sarcasm meant – but SIMPLY intended to provoke a fresh line of thoughts in anyone having the wish and will to do so; notwithstanding the individual’s excuse i.e. other so called  ‘pressing matters’. 

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