Friday, March 18, 2011

'A question of trust, a matter of faith' - Is it not so EVER?!

 A question of trust, a matter of faith - Bangalore Mirror ...
17th Mar '11 TOI - BM

“This judgement of the Bombay High Court will now be taken to the Supreme Court. There, hopefully, it will be left untouched, for this is a judgement that India both needs and deserves. “

To my mind, it seems that, the better propositions that call for an expert deliberation are, -
whether, at all, the case on hand,  which really is an ‘in-house fight’ needs or deserves to be taken in a further legal battle to the SC;
and  even it were, will not the SC have to firstly examine and decide, whether or not this is a fit case – ‘for the door of the court will be ajar’,  but  ‘not to be told off at the gates’.
(The words borrowed are  those of Krishna Iyer J – for a better appreciation of their true purport and  import, refer –Fertilizer Corporation Kamgar Union’s case AIR 1981 SC 344, 356 ).
For a wholesome appreciation of the matter, from all conceivable angles, however, the viewpoints  as expounded by one of the very few ‘humanitarian’  of our times  (‘Nani’ , so fondly known in elite circles), in his published writings and speeches, should be of real assistance.
Recommend to Read:
 (There are several of them which deal with the Constitutional aspects, so also of the supremacy of the apex court. As they are found spread over from ‘the start to the finish’, it may be found profoundly  interesting  and eminently useful  to the readers, if  purposively read through, without any attempt to choose)

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