Thursday, March 10, 2011

Levy of 'service tax' - Is it at all 'justified' ; even if 'yes', to what extent?

The news @ the above link, one finds, gives rise to several discomforting doubts - wprt the subject of 'service tax' - a hotly debated one at the 'entry' as also 'experts' level -ALIKE! 

Look up the UN Charter of Human Rights @ 1.   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

IT IS RECOMMENDED - TO CLOSELY READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT, IN PARTICULAR, ARTICLE 21 says - to the end of realizing as to why our nation's own basic Charter should, in all humility, be accorded due respect it deserves; also strictly be abided / followed both in letter and spirit  - especially by each one of the  3 'machineries' set up and in place - Legislaure, Executive and Judiciary.

KEY POSER: Should the 'right to service', more so the 'right to public service',  is a constititution -guranteed 'fundamental right', hence to be honored and reached by the government  to the people even in the normal course,  why a levy of -service tax is at all legitimate and legally valid ?

Of course, the validity and legality of any such levy 'retrospectively /'retro- actively' (e.g. the recently legislated levy on 'construction' made applicable even to agreements concluded before the cut-off date) is all the more questionable /contestable, with the dispute founded on its own strong grounds.  

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