Saturday, March 12, 2011

Deaf or Blind - Whom to Choose ?!

One cannot but is obliged to keep wondering whether, at the end of the day, any such write-up from any learned columnist or comments from any equally learned reader meet with any fruitful outcome, as expected, from the point of view of either or both the tax gatherer and the taxpaying community?
As is reasonably to be expected, those who are, or consider themselves to be, truly concerned are sure to have already done some home work after having waded through the whole lot of statistical data the FM himself has already obliged the Nation with.
If so, the point to ponder is ,- should not such write-ups, in order to be profoundly useful to the readers, be devoted more to such aspects which go to enlighten them so as to prove to be of any use from a practical point of view ? In other words, the poser is this: - Should not the starting point be the premise that, in regard to any such or like proposal (as picked up and dealt with by the writer), any write-up or comment is extremely unlikely to weigh with but the government is, for reasons one could reasonably guess, almost certain to go its own way; despite any criticism or constructive suggestion offered, however genuine it happens to be.

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