Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Bachelor of Arts' - (BA) ?

At a lunatic asylum:

Warden to a visiting ‘journalist’ (a BA)-

Will you believe if I tell you that old man also is a ‘BA’,  but of yester -years.


A very intellectual type; in fact , he was one of those very few  popular columnists – used to write in one of the leading dailies, almost  on every conceivable ‘ topic’,,


But one day he made the gravest mistake of his life,..


He decided to do some  ‘introspection’ - ... why though ‘married’ long ago he could truly continue to call himself - a ‘Bachelor’ ? – further, - 'of Arts’?

That went on and on ...for several weeks/months..

He tried to look up and understand what - ‘Arts’ really means..

He started wading through the ‘wikipedia’ ....

That proved the ‘last straw’.. within a few days he was admitted here.. that was almost five years ago..


Should you be interested, you may consult:

????... (into thin air)

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