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 What are some real-life bad habits that programming gives people?
Pranav Kundra

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Share Knowledge & Experience (SKE) - It's Worth Sharing

Not Said but missed out, strikingly and miserably : Provided, sharing is decided upon and gone ahead with, after weighing in one's own mind  the usefulness or utility of it  to whomsoever, or anyone,  intended to be shared with; and also that, 'anyone'  meant to embrace within its reach, in the context, is in the extended meaning  of the word (< anyone) - that is, "EVERYBODY WHO IS ANYBODY" < look up your  dictionary. 

In the long run to always keep others happy, to keep pleasing, might make one Pretentious too.

So, according to me, when to Please and when not to Please has to be a timely call taken. Or else it might become an automated habit, where Pleasing no longer would hold Value for the other person.

"Nothing is Right or Wrong" might make one a Blind believer..

"Anything could be Right or Wrong"....Here one would be Alert to apply Wisdom.

Final state could be, "What is Right and What is Wrong" is seen with Clarity.

As commented:
  Dr. SR is absolutely right on all the three alternatives , put across in the varying possible forms in her own words.In essence, she has obligingly veered round to the very same point of view as urged by some partaking in the discussion. That is to the effect that, in first looking for or finding, and then offering an answer, as is the natural and commonly observed trait, rather as endowed by NATURE, me, every other fellow human as well,  is invariably guided /influenced by one's own individual mindset/outlook on life, so on.

That appears to account for / bear on its sleeves the surrounding reality,- howsoever unpleasant though, - that in the not unlikely event of any two mutually in disagreement , intervention of a third person (a 'judge' - or arbitrator , or whatever name you give)  requires to be invoked, calling upon him to intervene and give his truly independent , unbiased, and impartial opinion on the subject issue, so as to try and convince, thereby expecting to bind both the warring 'persons'. But Lo! as is common knowledge that never happens; particularly in our ever changing times and in respect of ever changing / forcibly changed 'concepts'.. No wonder, in the result, any dispute of any kind between any two is left to remain unresolved / unsettled to the end of ONE'S 'life time'.
  • Safely presuming it to be indisputably so. and could not be expected to be otherwise , any time, may be seen to be faithfully reflected in what a towering law legend, also a widely acknowledged great thinker of our own times , - Palkhivala, himself had to say , - on the inevitable futility of any sort of battle of 'wits' between any two, often culminating in life long- and even beyond - litigation; but again only left to be 'unresolved' for ever, to eternity.


Anyone is welcome, if time and mind permits, and if care, to insight-fully read and incisively understand the hidden message, @
India losing fight against lethal bacteria

which, as independently viewed, is not unrelated but is of every contextual relevance.

‘xtract :
Now, however, once-treatable infections are becoming difficult to cure, raising costs to healthcare facilities, and patient mortality is rising.
The report says, "RISING INCOMES ARE INCREASING ACCESS TO ANTIBIOTICS. That is saving lives but also increasing use — both appropriate and inappropriate—which in turn is driving resistance".

As me recall to have read elsewhere, the conclusion of an eminent expert on medicine (topic, if remember, is HIV) is, - THE TRAITS OF dreaded bacteria HAVE CHANGED (apparently implying - to the disadvantage of afflicted human beings).

That drives one to loudly, remorsefully though, wonder: Is there at all any hope still left for the trait of human beings to likewise change; but contrarily, to their own advantage.

KEY Note:

Not but mind hear / LISTEN >

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