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Govt. Policies wrt INFLATIOn et al

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 A grey area !

INFLATION - beating it = beating about the bush .... '?' Runs but NOT OUT- that means can never happen, because it is a vicious circle; 

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The message sought or intended to be conveyed , ostensibly for the information and ultimate benefit of the home buyers’ community, - particularly of those among them, who are, in comparison, ‘poor’ / not ‘rich’ or super rich / not-so—financially –well –off hence really in need of and have been in fond expectation of such a friendly step taken by the RBI , as the apex bank and banking regulatory authority , - cannot be regarded to have ‘fully’ benefited them. To...

< know why one should think or say so, look up the related media reports @
But not to miss, and like others , differently analyzed though :

¨       Breaching the last taboo: Atul Gawande's book, as well as the film Piku, begin a conversation about being mortal
Death is a fascinating concept to ruminate about. While old age prompts the grey matter to ...


¨       Gandhiji's Satyagraha And The Three Apes - Speaking Tree


Makes for a worthy read ; by anyone who has the time and mind to ‘think’, and to keep doing so, to the end of finding a self-satisfying answer, not  found or likely to be honestly admitted quite satisfying  by/to any other fellow human- not barring modern sapiens  though !

Beyond Business

 Pay n park, breach, break..

IRDA may finalize norms for corporate agents | Latest News ...

Marketing of insurance products by Banks-
Rules  book to  govern – IRDA given credibility to login
Don’t play the game, change the game – be the change yourself- not the rules of

ICAI  October  Issue of CA Journal-
Re Extension of ‘due date’ for e’filing of tax return  (see info. shared on Facebook
Ratiinale behind ?:
 Grounds relied on-

ref. p 531
'Fairness' and 'Accounting Fairness'
Sec 143/ Sec 9 <  latest amendments of

 pg. 549
Gearing Up For Reporting On Internal Financial Controls

 pg 555, 560


Policies- Fiscal, economic , so on
Well thought-out or impulsive ?
E.g. Rates cut – say, customs duty, stamp duty, RBI ‘s  wrt  the factor (reality ?) of inflation –
PPF  interest
Home Loan interest
Interest on deposits – ref. recent News on PPF

Government may link PPF returns to bank deposits, RBI's rates - The ...

The 20 basis points reduction in home loan rates, according to bank officials, applies only to new borrowers. Existing borrowers will, in fact, see their loan rates decline by 40 basis points – as the spread of 5 basis points will remain unchanged. Old borrowers thus will enjoy a lower loan rate of 9.35 per cent.
RBI’s diktat
In January, the RBI had asked banks to spell out the rationale for charging differential spreads to borrowers and charge the same spread to all borrowers with a similar risk profile. This was to ensure that when banks tweak base rates, all borrowers — new and old — are charged the same rates.
But with the SBI’s latest move, it appears that new borrowers will be charged higher rates than existing borrowers.

A policy (or Rule, or Enactment )   A DAY will drive anyone (more so, a commoner) LAW and ORDER AWAY ! CRazy and Crazier, Day BY Day !!

Key Note:

 BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world ?!

 Other Selected:

The biggest problem can be solved easily when it is small or in its infancy.
--Lao Tse
We may invent the elixir of immortality, but it will take forever to prove it.
Man fools himself by praying for long life and then subsequently fearing old age and death.
--a Chinese proverb
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If one were to  read such quotes, mindfully, and test on the touchstone of 'common sense' or 'sound logic' it may honestly be realized that those mean really nothing; any way, have no frightfully useful message of guidance , and not worth the trouble to re quote ?!

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