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ASHOKA THE EMPEROR - the great !

ashoka turned THE BUDDHA

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One of India's greatest emperors, Ashoka reigned over a realm that stretched from ... The Divyāvadāna tells a similar story, but gives the name of the queen as ...

Ashoka - Ashoka the Great, Emperor Asoka, Ashoka ... › History of India › Ancient India History
The legend associated with the emperor goes that his birth had been predicted by Buddha, in the story of 'The Gift of Dust'. Buddhist Emperor Ashoka had only ...

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  • Early Life of Asoka the Great (Devanampriya Priyadarshi ...
    Dec 5, 2013 - Thereupon, the Emperor sent Ashoka to Taxila to suppress it which he did. Ashoka thus served as the viceroy of Taxila after serving as the ...

    Ashoka - Ancient History Encyclopedia
    Sep 2, 2013 - Emperor Ashoka the Great (sometimes spelt Aśoka) lived from 304 to ... What happened after this war has been subject to numerous stories ...

    Ashoka | biography - emperor of India |
    May 14, 2015 - Ashoka, also spelled Aśoka (died 238? bce, India), last major emperor in the Mauryan dynasty of India. His vigorous patronage of Buddhism ...

    Emperor Asoka Short Story - Induswomanwriting
    Emperor Asoka Short story for the Children. ... In time, he came to be known as the heartless king. ... The careless, cruel young man became Asoka the Great.

    Interesting facts and information about Samrat Ashoka,The ...
    But Ashoka becomes the king with the help of a minister Radhagupta. There is a story that Ashoka killed his 99 brothers leaving only one brother Tissa to ...

    Asoka the Great - King Asoka, Biography of Emperor ... › ... › Ancient History of India › Maurya Empire
    Asoka the Great was a very famous king in India. Read the biography about life history of Emperor Ashoka.

    Ashoka the Great - Asian History - › ... › India › Ancient India
    This story and many others about a great emperor called Ashoka appear in ancient Sanskrit literature, including the Ashokavadana, Divyavandana, and ...
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    Sumedha and Sumitta

    When ascetic Sumedha knew of the coming of Dipankara Buddha to the city of Rammavati, he took part in preparing the road for the Buddha. He was still repairing it when the Buddha arrived but he was determined to complete it by prostrating himself into the muddy hollow, in fulfillment of his vow to become a Buddha. Beside him was a young lady named Sumitta bearing eight stalks of lotus flowers. She gave the Ascetic five stalks and kept for herself three stalks for her own aspiration. When the Buddha Dipankara saw this, He omnisciently declared the Ascetic Sumedha a future Buddha, while He stated that the aspiring young lady Sumitta would be his constant companion and helpmate.

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