Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LAND Mark (?!) judgments of....


ITAT pulls Up CA for Seeking to Intimidate It by using derogatory, defamatory and contemptuous Language

NO TIME TO BE WASTED any longer; both members and its august self-regulatory body alike need to sit upright, pull up its stocks, and do quite a serious introspection; to realize and devoutly endeavor to finding effective ways and means how best, not to allow the alarming state of affairs deteriorate any further, but to strive and bring about improvement in the troubled situation all around..

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Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd vs. CIT (Supreme Court)


This , as viewed by anyone knowing the historical background, an instance to be earmarked, of the apex court being obliged to keep revisiting and deciding the point of law ,- rather being taken for a merry-go-round, albeit that being loud and clear,- with no scope for agitating afresh; also the apex court being called upon to ‘opine’ yet again, despite knowing that is the settled position in law, hence no longer an open ‘issue’. Perhaps, as a matter of prudence, keeping in mind the common good of taxpayers, including of the assessee herein, the dispute ought not to have been allowed, to travel beyond the itat stage.
No wonder that courts are groaning for long under the pain of volume of cases pending adjudication; and for years/decades.

CIT vs. Sarkar Builders (Supreme Court)

DGIT vs. Spacewood Furnishers Pvt. Ltd (Supreme Court)

Travancore Sugars & Chemicals Ltd (Supreme Court)

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