Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dr. (Medicine) vs Dr. (Any other Faculty)


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In independent perception, here is some food for thought (- feedback ,with a view to provoking quite useful altruistic thoughts, for the ‘common good’)  

§  A proverb is a short sentence based on a long experience. If that were so, this one from Voltaire would take the cake: “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

Responder (from same medical fraternity):

§ Again, just imagine what was the level of advancement of “medicine” during Voltaire’s times, viz. the 18th century. That would explain why the great man said that. The same Voltaire has also said, “A witty saying proves nothing!”.

<> Anyone else is sure to find, if gives insightful thoughts (logical, with common sense as corner stone), more than enough material / clues to embark on writing a really good and impressive full-fledged thesis; also, succeed in securing a DOCTORATE, - not in medicine but in logistics or law..

Now, turn to , and consider the conventional  and historically used accountant's phrase, just as many more, - “to the best of my knowledge and belief”; and strive to explore – what it really says or means to convey, to the end of striking an acceptable explanation and logical conclusion.


Comment (under moderation):

Commoner’s (common sense based- as opposed to science or myth based) Reaction: Is it not, -having in lacer sharp focus only the larger rights, interests, and benefits of, humanity, nothing else - high time, rather late in the day, that instead of carrying on a battle of wits, an inconclusive one at that, through prolonged emotional debates amongst the medical fraternity, composed of those having vested interests and the rest, to eternity, to bring about clarity in a wholesome manner, for the common benefit of the ailing lot in the society ? Is it not the fundamental duty of the governmental and regulatory authorities across the globe, who owe to it to the populace, to co-ordinate, with the utmost sincerity and sense of responsibility, introspect, intelligently analyze and sharply bring to proper focus the underlying truth or untruth in the contradicting viewpoints / opinion; in any event, do so, before it is too late, if not already /by now. In their own individual, collective interest as well, it is the medical fraternity itself which should, under the umbrella of governing WHO, take a lead, not forgetting for a moment that they too stand to be inevitably counted as mortals, not otherwise anyway.
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