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June 25 '14

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board fails to give sound solutions TOI 05 Dec 2014, 08:55 IST

Bangalore: The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) was tasked with the job of finding solutions to the city's soaring decibel levels.

Chavan offers Campa residents deal to regularize flats

 Rajasthan governor wants Delhi-Jaipur toll tax to go

< Ostensibly, by any rhyme or reasoning, sounds quite a sensible and sane move at the right time and in the right direction, for the common good.  No knowing whether all such special tolls also would eventually  be got ridden under the law on GST, outstanding for too long  to tolerate. In any case, the poser is why these should not be abolished forthwith, earnestly, with no more dithering .

June 22

HC puts brakes on Akrama-Sakrama in Bangalore

Jun 20

June 16

The not-so-unfamiliar subject chosen has been handled in a way that it makes for a light minded reading. Albeit, to a truly ‘common man' but who still is bent upon trying his inept unqualified hand(s) at it, has invariably proved to be a painful experience , mind-fill, forever. 
To narrate one such experience lately, a cc of a email to customer from his bank may be found explanatory:

 <We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Based on RBI recommendations, our Bank has introduced additional security feature, IP Validation, for our Internet Banking ..users [Retail/Corporate] .

Whenever a customer logs into the net banking, the first 5 IP addresses from which the customer logs in, will be captured by the system.

In case the customer logs in from any other IP address, other than the captured 5 IP addresses, an OT P would be sent to the customers’ registered mobile number and the customer would be allowed login on entering the OTP.

The mobile number registered in our database is >>>>>.

The customer has logged in from the below IP addresses:
Ø   If the customer tries to login from any IP address which is listed above, no validation is required.
Upon entering the User ID and Password, the customer will be directed to the Home page.
Ø   In case, THE CUSTOMER LOGS IN FROM ANY OTHER IP address, he/she will be prompted to enter the OTP sent to his registered Mobile Number.
Ø   He/she will be directed to Home Page only after successful validation of the OTP.

At the first blush may seem a very indicatively brainy idea on the part of RBI.

Voila! Pitiably that never works ! For, the UN-disclosed/-revealed reality is that to log in from one static IP address is not left to customer’s choice / control.

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June 10
Govt to scale uprurbaninfrastructure - The Times of India

 Difference Between Urban and Rural India | Difference Between ... 

Census of India: Rural-Urban Distribution
 "The government will strive to end the rural-urban divide guided by the idea of rurban; providing urban amenities to rural areas while preserving the ethos of the villages," the President said.           

Govt steps up efforts for GST rollout

Easier for migrants to open new accounts 

<>In one's perspective, doctored or dictated by practical wisdom gathered in hindsight, this is noted to bring to the fore a different type of hardship often faced by bank account  holders ; in particular, those who are old taxpayers to whom the PAN card(s) issued do not bear on its face the address. This peculiar problem has come to be faced by reason of the fact that it was at a later point in time the practice of issuing PAN card with an address on it has come in vogue.

'PAN' as the nomenclature itself signifies is supposed to, rightly so, have a permanency attached to it. That must be so, regardless of address, which for more than one reason, keep changing / is likely to have changed. In short. In the larger interests of taxpayers, it might be prudent for the Revenue to switch back, sooner than later, to the earlier practice of issuing PAN card with no address.





Bankers to seek tax sops from FM in Tuesday's meet

Voda facing tax liability of over Rs 27k cr in India

Consumers oppose effort to wreck net neutrality

Industry pushes for revocation of retrospective tax amendment


  Work without fear, I’ll protect you, PM Modi tells senior bureaucrats

Ostensibly a very sensible and impressive beginning made by the new PM. It is mainly those outdated and archaic rules ,even  if not scrapped or purged from the rules book, which ought not to be followed in accomplishing the much desired but long outstanding attempt to "simplify procedures and cut paper work.". With the same breath, to add, there are in fact many  other rules though framed and on the book in recent times, are required to be accorded a similar fresh look. The simplest of all that instantly comes to one's mind is the varying obnoxious requirements made mandatory under the guise of 'security' or personal 'identity proof''. One such requirement detestable for own reasons is 'proof of address' for every day to day common purpose. Common man's woes in this respect would run into a tryingly long list.

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