Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Tax Reform Report (DR Shome)

A Landmark Development , prima facie, enthusing, of its kind :


 Shome Panel submits Second Report on Tax Administration


........The TARC has also come down strongly on the rude and arbitrary behaviour of officers and their total lack of accountability. It has noted with regret that taxpayers are totally helplessness against such an attitude and this leads to non-compliance of tax laws.

It may be noted that several recent judgements such as Sairang Developers (Bom High Court), Bharti Airtel (ITAT Delhi) &Growel Energy (ITAT Mumbai) bear out the reality of what the TARC has stated.


Adverse impact of revenue target on tax officer equilibrium
Blind revenue target causes unjust pressure on good taxpayers:
Wrong use of tax avoidance instruments for revenue generation:
Risk aversion permeates down, and leads to, in fructuous tax demands:


Dear NAMO Sir, Reforms Have To Start With Tax Laws. We Will Help You

  Discussion Paper On Reforms To Tax Adminstration (117.7 KiB, 235 hits)

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