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 Bill Moyers with Jim Hightower: Grass Roots Grow Against Greed


Realty sector pinning hopes on new govt for revival

The real estate sector is pinning hopes on the new government for revival. Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association... »


 Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday

Does anyone know where self is heading ????!!!!


Unreal estate
Immersive virtual reality will allow you to live another life in a different world
Sorry! At the first blush, left totally dismayed, nonplussed !!

It is anyone's guess as to what is the topic of the long winding write-up and what is the lead intended to be given to the rest- particularly to the common readers at large!

What precisely is 'real' or 'unreal'? Is there not a cavernous and unfathomable gap in understanding the real thing in the concept of 'real', by the humanity ?? Has not the quest , nay the perennial struggle, to find , much less truly realize, a profoundly 'real' and anywhere close to foolproof answer, that could stand the tests of the ever changing world, has been evading,- not to speak of those venerable sages, - the very nature given faculties, e.g. 'intelligence' that has come to be measured by so called or so- claimed-to-be innovation of "IQ"???

Is not, in the ultimate analysis, what one is left with is simply  imponderables , in-comprehensive to the core, with no clue about what it is all about. Consider each one of the high sounding prima facie prophetical, but mind teasing  words, such as,- 'Immersive' , 'virtual reality', 'another life in a different world', so on, - may be, except, perhaps, the only exclusion being the extremely privileged 'super brains' behind !  

Pardon ! In no mood, barely any inclination, even to attempt 'edit' .

Inside: >>

@'nitin'- Oh ! that then must be, as guessed, the 'SB' (behind), that has chosen to go off at a tangent !! Thought (?) invited comment was on 'the Article' ; not on someone else's comment. Yes! For any stranger, to 'edit', suggested like sounding nameds' grammar book alone might not help; Instead, would suggest, rather sincerely recommend, to go back to the elementary, first lessons in, other avenues, particularly the 3 'R' s. Also for a delightful / enlightening change, why not read books of other writers as well; to be 'definite', e.g. P.G. Wodehouse.


a quixot, your use of articles is perplexing ... not sure an edit would have helped. I would suggest wren & martin.

 BL (assorted)




Who killed the commodity markets?

As stock market traders log on to their terminals once again, hoping to turn a quick profit from... »

Raghav Gaiha/Manoj K Pandey/Vani S Kulkarni

Inclusive growth, an exaggerated claim

Claims that the economic gap in India is being bridged are not borne out by NSS data
Recent accounts of poverty reduction — especially during 2004-11— triggered by the release of th... »


Riding on hope

The engine of the economy is driven as much by fundamentals as sentiment
As the Sensex scaled new highs, driven first by hope of political change and then by optimism abo... »


Bad loans, a problem of bank attitude

Too many checks Banks are doing their job the wrong way RRRAUM/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM
Banks create NPAs by not helping out borrowers on time. Then, they pass the buck to asset reconstruction companies
There is no dearth of laws to tackle non-performing assets (NPAs) of banks — such as the Sarf... »      1 comment

If read in between lines, with  clarity in thinking, some of the observations seem to unmistakably point to a highly objectionable , unethical practice largely in vogue - that is, 'window dressing'. To say it differently, most of the policies and remedial measures conceived of and sought to be implemented have miserably failed, or proved ineffective, to strike at the root of the melody, imperviously or impudently  called NPAs. Suggested innovative ideas, if not incisively considered from a multidimensional angle / long range vision, with proper focus on and the supervening practicalities, before venturing to giving shape, through legislative, regulatory or other measures, could not, as wisdom gathered in hindsight go to reveal. be expected to result in any marked improvement, It may not be out of context to invite attention to a few SC cases, in which the judiciary had to come to the rescue, by not necessarily or strictly following the “rules book”; that is, because of the faulty practices indulged in by 'vested interests' in blatant violation thereof.

To hint at, one has in mind the SC cases, e.g. – the ruling against the notorious 'GPA sales', adjudication for resolving the income-tax issue in re. Podar Cement, and for settling bank’s proceedings to loan recovery in re. Hill Properties. The common thread running through in those cases is that the varying kind of related disputes al happen to be centered / arising out of transactions in (the modern day concept of) 'units' (flats/apartments). The special area covered in those court cases do deserve a concerted study by the property /tax experts, for the purpose of being useful/proper guidance to the stake holders; and in turn, for the ultimate of all, -  societal welfare as a whole.

Not Unrelated >


Subir Roy: Debating proportional representation



It’s a clear mandate for development

Go ahead The people have spoken in one voice S SIVA SARAVANAN
Now, the Government must live up to the people’s expectations and focus on implementation, inflation and investment
India’s electorate can be trusted to deliver a historical verdict as required by circumstances, a...»

It’s a clear mandate for development

It’s a clear mandate for development ·
No doubt, by and large, the largely obtaining wishful thinking soon after the dramatic change in the political scenario, is mostly oriented towards 'improving ' and 'augmenting' the avenues/resources of relevance for the national economy. With the same breath, it needs to be added, 'money' or more and  more money, with no limit whatsoever, alone can provide no real solution for bringing about the long wanting but persistently ignored, improvement in the quality of life / of the living conditions of humanity . That can be expected to happen provided the whole exercise, covering all aspects / facets of life, begins at home; and is devotedly aimed at self-improvement, in its profound and the most comprehensive sense. In short, the hope for a better future lies, to a greater extent,  in self-discipline , with every  importance attached to obedience to , not only the 'written' (i.e. man mad), law, but also, -as very rightly and pithily termed by a great visionary of our own times, - the 'unwritten law'- the law of the sublime SUPREME. 

Relate(d) These ?!


The trouble is that we have a very wrong notion of humility; we associate it with timidity, self-effacement and lowliness in its worst sense! This is not true! For if you recall the Beatitudes, they begin with the assertion: “Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit this earth.” Jesus anticipates the modern management experts I told you about, when he points out that humility is the hallmark of the most successful people whom he has singled out to “inherit this earth”.

When Jesus’s disciples got into an argument over who was holy and who would get places in heaven, Jesus said to them: ‘Whosoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whosoever of you desires to be first, shall be the slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to sacrifice His life as a ransom for many.’

Let us ask ourselves: How many of us will be prepared to accept such a role? How many of us will do our best, in our allotted sphere of life, without worrying about ‘greatness’, ‘fame’, and ‘popularity’? Let’s bring humility back to the forefront; let us benefit from this noble virtue. 

< A Leaf From Book of 'LIFE'

I. CAG on sidelines

Vinayak Chatterjee

Vinayak Chatterjee: CAG's ambit: A fine balance between public & private space

India Inc.; et al

For two-thirds of a century, the Congress has occupied pole position in Indian politics. That has now changed; the party has shrivelled to less than a tenth of the Lok Sabha, and Narendra Modi's triumphant Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now the truly national party.

Top industry leaders lay out their issues, priorities

India Inc waits for reforms tsunami

Wishlist for new PM includes growth boosters, reining in inflation, faster project clearance and reversal of Land Acquisition Act


Laugh out loud! Best cost cutting measure if Modi becomes PM

The Great Indian Circus! Joke - Jokes and Anecdotes

The Great Indian Circus - The Times of India  Jug

·  Can't justice delivery system work 365 days? Chief Justice ...
Pend ency of court cases, that has already reached a 'monstrous', nay threateningly astronomical magnitude, most certainly, requires to be taken on and tackled with all possible measures could be thought of. No doubt, the suggested measure could be one. But the pendency alone is not the worrisome or bewildering aspect. Further, quantity of disposal should not , by any reasoning, be ventured, at the cost of quality of justice expected of. Some of the other aspects calling for suitable and truly intelligent measures, to squarely deal / meet with the inherent menace at its root, are, - an earnest attempt to minimize by discouraging ligation strictly coming within the categories - mindless and misguided , repetitive, lawyer stimulated, last but not the least- stimulated and nurtured by men entrusted with policy - and -law making functions, not barring those in governance, the bureaucrats.  Ideally equipped 'leaders' in the law profession , with a public-centric mindset, as opposed to leaning to and contributing to any more commercialization of the still-believed-to-be a noble avocation, have a constructive role to play. In short, the malady could be hoped to be remedied in the foreseeable future, provided there is profound altruistic wish and will, combined with concerted effort and co-operation inter se / jointly by all of them. 


CWT vs. Estate of Late HMM Vikramsinghji of Gondal (Supreme Court)

The issues adjudicated upon, just as the related legislation governing the age-old concept of ‘trusts’, so also the Snell’s Principles of Equity the apex court has followed for a final adjudication of the tax dispute, all date back to not just years but  decades. If critically looked at, and cared to reflect on, these prima facie, - subject to a detailed investigation of or probe into the peculiar facts of each one of such cases-, go to amply demonstrate the inescapable historical reality surrounding the notorious pendency of court litigation, which has lately been lamented by no less a dignitary than the present CJI to have assumed a monstrous’ magnitude. The utmost urgency with which the menace has to be taken on and tackled needs no special emphasis or painful elaboration. Unless that is done mindfully keeping in full focus the root causes and suitable effective steps taken/ systemic deficiencies plugged in , there appears to be no hope for any marked improvement in the foreseeable future. Some own independent thoughts are shared through posted comment on media report titled, - CJI wants courts to stay open all 365 days - The Times of India

Having miserably failed to resist the inborn temptation, but yielding with the best of altruistic intentions, and seeking safe refuge in the fact that it is a ltowering egal legend of our own times who said:
“Lord Justice Knight Bruce cynically observed in an administration suit that “the estate will be divided in the usual way among the solicitors”. A contested case in which eminent counsel was engaged is the luxury of the rich or the refuge of despair. It often spells run to the average citizen. Voltaire used to say that he was ruined twice in his life- once when he lost a law-suit and once when he won a law suit.
in the most famous of all soliloquies, “the law’s delay” is placed by Shakespeare among the chief ills of human life....”
(Beg to borrow from a published speech of Palkhivala in the Govt. Law College, Bombay- year 1948; Source: Book, “WE, THE PEOPLE”)  

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