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Freedom AND its Varying Avatars / Mosnomers (sucg as, perjury, plagiarism, so on)

 Human side of the burning problem of Business World

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Kushalbhai Ratanbhai Rohit vs. State of Gujarat (Supreme Court)

Despite pronouncement of verdict in open court & signing of draft judgement, Judge entitled to alter verdict until judgement is signed & sealed

<>  In one’s longstanding conviction, with due respect, the subject proposition that has found favour with the apex court , on the given facts of the case on hand, is prima facie too technical to be regarded as a generally laid or acceptable proposition in all cases. Particularly, if it were to be adjudged keeping in focus the long established and well settled principle of jurisprudence that court has no power, inherent or otherwise, to embark on a review, of any sort, of own judgment, once ‘delivered’ (pronounced), orally or otherwise. Be it in civil or criminal or other kind of proceedings, the validity or otherwise of such a proposition , in one’s staunch belief, will require to be tested on , besides legal, on grounds of legitimacy as well. Hopefully, the apex court might go into in -depth on the indicated line of reasoning, if and when the occasion next arises.


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<> JS has to be righted for making a reference, appropriately so, to the housing society- his own abode, in an attempt to focus on the undeniable omnipresent corruption (evil of corrupt -minds, - practices) obtaining in the society at large. He is, after all, not wrong in hinting at that, just as 'charity', the worst evil of all 'begins at home'. No denying that by anyone, if truly interested hence keeping a close watch on the goings-on in the realty sector in general, in so called co-operative housing societies in particular, anywhere across the nation.

< He has rightly referred to own 'housing society'; and appropriately related the goings-on while on the topic of 'corruption' ( a concept comprehensive to cover corrupt- mindsets and-practices largely and commonly prevailing /dominating the MCs- elected or selected and entrusted to manage the common affairs to benefit all concerned. By and large, the people mostly self-centric in outlook happen to be entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the common good of the society but that is hard to come by in reality. Very sad indeed- thanks to the indifference of the low -aroused rest having no mind or time to take any proactive in-house role !


Messge To Author / Editor (sent on May 14) >

Some of the comments seem to imply that any irregularity or illegality in such matters , whether it pertains or concerns the promoter or its clientele is mainly an 'internal' matter , hence do not require to be given any publicity or call for external interference or opinion; even that be from an unbiased or impartial source having no vested interest but prima facie aimed solely at public interest/for the common good of  the apartments community as a whole.

To say the least, such a view is patently misconceived and needs to be reviewed predominantly having in mind all connected out-of-box considerations.

For a brief hint as to why so, attention is invited to the lately posted comments @

so also elsewhere on this very website.
A Poser: Is it not the same wrong thinking/approach that has led to the increasingly muddled state of affairs e.g. proliferation of ubiquitous RWAs obtaining amongst apartments community.
For a detailed examination of the field reality, one may look up the numerous posts on the special project @praja.in.





India’s unease with free speech

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