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 Bill Moyers with Jim Hightower: Grass Roots Grow Against Greed

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5Questions from the Campa Cola case

Why only 5, NOT more; and why should one keep eyes NOT wide open and ears unplugged.
Any non-technical guy, with no idea of 'structural' (building) science, may have the most fundamental of all fundamental questions to raise: If, as understood, the topmost apartments are 'illegal' hence require to be demolished, is not, in the process, the strength/normal life of the units in the rest of the floors going to be greatly impaired /seriously in peril ?

Only any of those 'architects' supposed to have an intimate know of such things, around can provide an answer ; and, in particular, the architect (s) who had an active hand / participation in the construction in question is duty bound to do so. Any doubt ?!

June 26
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 07:12 AM PDT
          By Accommodation Times News Service Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has offered a solution to the residents Campa Cola that will ensure the 96 illegal flats are not demolished and they return to legal flats. CM has showed willingness o take the opinion of solicitor-general Ranjit Kumar and advocate-general Darius Khambata […]

 June 22

 BMC’s priority is demolition of dilapidated bldg. providing shelter to the residents is secondary: HC

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The reported court decision is one delive4red in the given context; dealing with a limited aspect: “Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) taking action to demolish dilapidated and dangerous residential buildings was to save human lives and not to rehabilitate occupants of the building…”
Not to go into the merits or otherwise of the thinking behind, yet another angle that calls for a serious deliberation and righteous consideration is, whether, at all, a similar view could be rightly /judiciously taken in a situation /facts as of the recently reported Campa Cola case; where the demolition is on the ground that there have been violations of the “building laws”, by the promoter, termed and looked upon as ‘illegal’?!

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Writing life: Kamila Shamsie finds characters who are at the cusp of loyalties the most interesting. Photo: Ramesh Sharma

Writer by detour

Kamila Shamsie on being a Karachiwallah and Londoner and on one of the greatest novels ever written »

To 'follow the brush' may be suited or excusable , or defensible if questioned, if the one who does so is a pure and simple 'writer' , of a fiction or the like - as a 'good way' and to 'start with very little'. As bad luck has it, however, more often than not the selfsame way is being followed as a motto or principle by writers of a different kind - say, on any topic of 'law' or similar ; for that matter, even 'writing' / drafting a law . or judgment by court. Which, if done mindlessly, without proper home work , is sure to have, as history has repeatedly been teaching, far reaching social consequences, often unsavory/ not acceptable by all concerned.


The door step for easy loans for affordable home

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ICAI Journal Mar Issue

Article @ pg. 104 (1392)

Service Tax On Builders


Willing to strike, but afraid to wound

The furore over the Maruti deal makes one wonder why Indian institutions are so selective in their activism »

Or is it truly the other way, - willing to wound but afraid to strike! This is seemingly not much different from the often faced predicament, when confronted with such as, a crisis or near crisis situation, but preferring to pose a simplistic –but innocuous doubt of its kind, -  i.e. 'who is to bell the cat' . The buck is invariably known to stop there; that is,   short of inclination or impetus to give any more thought and attempt to find any possible solution. 
As sadly recalled a lawyer believed being a reliably competent  one, when approached for having certain problems faced with a realtor, and requested for assistance to take on the matter with concerned authorities, was of no help; but quickly confronted the consul tee with an identical poser. But the latter had to remain contended with that, rather thankful to him, in not asking the consul -tee as to when and where to find the cat, also the bell and a rope, more so what is the technique for accomplishing the task. To add In a lighter vein, - ultimately, even after succeeding, an insurmountable difficulty is most certainly going to be faced; that is, in working out a suitable strategy, as to how best the threatened band of mice to be kept alert, and all the time, to manage and make a clean escape,  if and when the belled cat is heard to be in the vicinity !
In short, the trend in modern times is veering round to the reality that who out of sheer passion takes it into his head to caution and thereby help fellow humans in foreseeing any likely objectionable development , is expected to fulfil also the onerous task of suggesting a remedy for it as well.
To prevent the reaction being viewed as wild, one craves leave to seek protection in the undeniable wisdom underlying the memorable quote:
Lord Keynes: “Words ought to be a little wild because they represent the assault of thought upon the unthinking. The India governmental machinery may be likened to prehistoric monster incapable of intelligently controlling itself.”
This cannot , of course, be rightly considered to be of any less relevance or importance to the normally come-across behavioural pattern of we, the humans, than the ‘governmental machinery’ to which the inherent weakness is alluded to.

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