Sunday, March 23, 2014

Common Dreams - How To Or Not To, et al


 CAG’s Appointment – Delhi High Court Judgment

Writ dismissed ?!
< GS former CEC a petionioner


Coal comfort

Setting up a regulator now makes little sense, save assist CIL in a court case »

All ideas on REGULATORY REGIME - Certainly no COOL

comfort This !

Illustration : The ill-conceived regulatory for the notorious 


We need to understand that wildlife belongs in the wild »

On Animals, too many things come rushing to mind (borrowed ideas):

1.       @the zoo at Alaska : Near the Exit gate, an exclusive cage, with no ‘animal’ (wild or otherwise)  inside,; simply a giant size mirror facing one when peeped in, reflecting body from head to toe .  A signboard on the grills reads: HERE IS THE WILDEST OF ALL creations !

2.       The tone of ‘public life’ (in its profound sense) has reached an all -time low.....If the increasingly perpetrated and perpetuated  criminal actions/inactions foisted on the humanity were to be truly investigated,  even if to stop short of finding a solution or taking any remedial action, nations  would need to have Ombudsmen the way Australia has rabbits.

3.       Konrad Lorenz, the Nobel prize-winning  naturalist: “ I believe I have found the missing link between animals and civilized man – IT IS WE”.

Any counter -thoughts / - views?

No wonder! Like master like servant; or to correct self - is it not democracy to have , -no master and no servant! Yours sincerely, or obediently, or at your service, for that matter the basic concept of , - ‘service’ itself, are ideas which have outgrown their utility/ become redundant, hence to be eschewed. Do have a bank account; especially with a PSB ? – then be rest assured to be fully equipped to write confidently a ‘thesis’ to secure a doctorate.
Re. ‘service’, if don’t mind, pay with a smile a tax – not only on ‘service’ but also on anything that is deemed by the finmin a service to the served.
In short, - too outdated to be ignorant of the motto for the times– ‘grin and bear’..

EDITORIAL: Tinkering with the Bible

shORT Cut (for ready ref.) 

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