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Banks’ customer service ratings to be made public from next year

Of the 48 banks rated, 5 got high ratings, 25 above average, 17 average and 1 below average
Banks should get their act together on customer services as the Banking Codes Standards B... »


The view of the writer casting aspersions on the correctness of the conclusion reached by the apex court cannot be faulted to be illogical; if pursued in depth might certainly result in a better view being taken.

The subject contract has come to be looked upon, also specially referred to, as a ‘statutory' contract. Also, special significance or importance, though, in one’s view  not at all warranted, has sought to be attached to the ‘rule (s)’ framed by that authority. Infer-ably, the reason behind such thinking is that one of the parties happens to be a so-called ‘statutory’ authority. Whatever that be, the intriguing question that craves for a righteous answer is this : - Why that should make any difference to giving effect to a provision of the Contract Act , both in letter and spirit, to a transaction, which is purely a ‘commercial’ transaction.

Incidentally, in modern times, there is no gainsaying that the concept of ‘government’ (so also, the attendant ideology of ‘good governance’ itself) having been subjected to a violent change- that is, the activities of the government having been pathetically but increasingly ‘commercialised’- why the need for making any such hypothetical distinction, based on faulty logic?

Law experts may wish to so re-frame the foregoing proposition as considered necessary, before venturing to deliberate at length.     


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