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White v Black - Magic Wand at Play ? Or A Perennial Conundrum ?!



November 12

‘Tax havens are all but over’

Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at OECD in Paris. Pascal Saint-Amans is Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at the Organisation for Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. A French national, Saint-Amans joined the... »



Latest on Tax Evasion en route Swiss Bank A/C s >

 Nigam Nuggehalli: Artful dodges in Swiss tax pacts 

Crux of < The exchange of information provision in the DTAA depends on the Indian revenue department's ability to identify potential tax defaulters and seek more information from the Swiss authorities. The wording of the provision deliberately mentions that any exchange of information must be pursuant to an investigation and requires the Indian authorities to furnish proof that the information requested is "foreseeably relevant" to tax evasion by an Indian national. While there is no doubt that Indian revenue authorities would, in fact, make use of this exchange of information provision, their ability to investigate and target the biggest tax defaulters, among them potentially powerful political figures, is in doubt.>


17th July


How shell companies turn black money of India Inc, politicians into white and vice versa

By Avinash Celestine, ET Bureau | 7 Jul, 2013, 06.47AM IST

A Sample Comment:

Saniag (London)
7 Days ago

Most of the money printing is done by the RBI to suit the interests of financial, industrial and real estate companies, so they come out black straight out of the printing presses. This concern about black money is hyped-up, why are people working themselves up into a feverish rage, when they don't know how money comes into being, and for whose benefit.

Await Own comment ......@>>>>

Wait and SEE >>>>

A WORLD (NATION?) full of contradictions AND Unending Controversies - In modern times, when people think of and talk about 'mono rail' , no WONDER single track mindedness has overtaken the ageold technique of Double Track ?


With good governance, fiscal deficit is irrelevant


We’ve only just begun

The first Kudankulam reactor has gone critical. But this is only one among many milestones to be crossed. »

Counter View >

Koodankulam a looming nuclear disaster?


Why this slowdown is here to stay

Key NOte: Nothing preposterous than self-contradiction by anyone ????? that simply means and signifies - no coherence in thinking or saying !!!!

@ Anyone really or frightfully interested on the increasingly sensational topic of the times, - TAX HAVENS - beyond the national borders, may KEEP READING ON, .... only to eventually be convinced or have the feeling of comfort over the obtaining facts of life -ours is, by any yardstick,in good company globally; though cannot boast itself to have the pride of place/ being one of the top few ranking  in the prestigious list of  socalled Tax Dodgers >>

<> Who's Who of Tax Havens -‎

    list of top corporate tax dodgers. - Senator Bernie Sanders


  2. <>100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens ...
  3. › Politics  HMRC

    The tax gap | Business | The Guardian

    70+ items - Edition: US. UK · AU ... Tax havens & company tax.

  5. The net closes in on super rich tax dodgers: Spies expose how ...

  6. Tax haven probe by U.S., UK and Australia to give Ottawa Canada ...

  7. Global tax dodgers exposed -

  8. Tax haven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In its December 2008 report on the use of tax havens by American ..... 

  9. Top 25 Corporate Tax Dodgers - CBS News

  10. Close Corporate Tax Loopholes | U.S. PIRG › Issues

    The new legislation will treat income that companies list in tax haven countries as ...closing offshore tax loopholes should be at the top of every lawmaker's list.
Offshore Banking

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