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19 groups file lawsuits against NSA over US surveillance


<> All such News of criticality, from the societal point of view, and the larger public interest , ought not to be simply  glossed over but deserve to be made a conscious note of for own  enlightenment  and motivation, and thinking and action on similar lines. Unlike any other of a routinely mundane nature one is accustomed to read day-in and day-out. They are quite thought provoking; in that, provide a comparative picture of how much advanced the other nations are in their pro-activism and alertness in striving to and keeping alive the socio-oriented  attitude of individuals or groups , for the common good. Without which, all talk about nationalism, patriotism, or any other ‘ism’  might turn out to prove a mere self-deception of the gravest kind.

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Sohrab Erach Dastur
The Duties And Accountability Of Lawyers

Sohrab Erach Dastur, Senior Advocate

Eminent Jurist Soli Dastur draws upon his rich experience of the past five decades to lay down the duties and accountability of lawyers and how they should deal with several ethical problems and areas of conflict that arise in day-to-day practice. With his usual candour and clarity of expression, he examines the issues threadbare and provides invaluable and authoritative guidance on what they should do in difficult situations so as to keep their professional integrity intact at all times. Though written in the context of lawyers, the article provides guidance to professionals in all fields.

<> Honestly, the Advocate known for his exemplary eminence in advocacy is seen at his best; that, in his own inimitable style, is, as always the case, so persuasive as to strongly influence even an astute or hard core puritan to toe the line and veer round to think his way !

<><>  “…..Though written in the context of lawyers, the article provides guidance to professionals in all fields.”

One personally fails to see much less appreciate the correctness or contextual appropriateness of this observation.

Almost all the ideas touched upon in the article , as may be readily gathered, hold good exclusively only to a practising professional being a lawyer, whose “duties and accountability” alone have been sought to be underscored. Any other profession e.g. CA being governed by its own so-called code of ‘conduct’ (‘ethics’ !) is a different ‘kettlle of fish’, hence would be governed, and accordingly be treated (cooked!) differently.

In a different vein, may be, as the advocate-writer himself, in his worldly wisdom, once made me realise, “…One may have a different perception or perspective on…”

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