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TOI - In memory of "netas'" of by-gone era ! ; AT on regulatory Authority for Realty !!; et al

9th June

.......made public by the PMO as part of obligations under the mandatory proactive disclosure clause of the Right to Information Act. ......

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Manmohan’s air travel expenditure at Rs 642 cr

A sum of over Rs 642 crore has been incurred on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s air travels abroad in the last nine years.This information has been made public by the PMO as part of obligat... »


Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi ads alone cost UPA-2 Rs 53 crore
Times of India ‎- 4 hours ago
The Nehru-Gandhi family, not surprisingly, emerges as the government'sfavourite when it comes to expenditure on newspaper advertisements ...

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“....According to the directorate of advertisement and visual publicity (DAVP),...”
This refers to shockingly significant expenditure by government over a 5-year period! Source of or the ‘urgency’ of such revelation after such a long gap or what prompted the media man to come out and give publicity so late why not earlier /thus far is beyond common man’s faculty to comprehend or reason out; if at all,  only the media man can clarify! For, as rightly but bluntly quipped by a great humanitarian, and visionary of our own times, the root cause of all such happenings day-in and –out, go to demonstrate the infallible fact of life that our nation is richly / thickly populated with so called ‘low arousal’ category. Be that as that should not have been reacted upon as a shocking surprise, it gives rise to more than one intriguing exclamations, from the viewpoint of societal welfare: 1. Was the subject info. ever given out to the larger public, or  in a manner to enable it to readily understand that such Ads. were at the cost of the treasury/the taxpayers ? 2. Has the CAG, being the empowered constitutional authority, ever reported to the Parliament on this seemingly irregular practice; and on a timely basis? May be, only those enlightened amongst us could seek and provide satisfying answers, if not solutions!   

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