Monday, June 10, 2013

One-track minded Authorities and Resulting Woes to the Legal Property Owners

  1. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporatio spiked pleas for track change
    Times of India ‎- by Aparajita ray ‎- 6 hours ago
    The state government acceding to the plea from Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research to realign the Namma Metro ...

 <>Spontaneous Reactions:

The News makes for a bizarre, rather startling, reading to every right- thinking citizen, who have been residents for years, of the localities under attack. Ostensibly, the exhibited obstinacy goes to offend, verging on ‘criminality’, even  the basic human faculty  of common sense, not to talk of legal sense .
For what is known, anyone will be right in offering individual or collective comments, on inter alia the following  natural premises :-
The properties such as apartment buildings had been in existence for years;
The plans for constructions were all duly  approved, so also completed, and occupied with the tacit, or implicit, concurrence of the empowered local authorities , but not behind their backs; and
Taxes namely, Property tax and other related levies, have been charged and being collected all these years without  the least whisper.
If so, BMRC in sticking to its stance, and spiking, in a cavalier fashion,  that too outright, the seemingly genuine and lawful pleas of the aggrieved property owners, whatsoever be the justification or reasons  put forth or otherwise by BMRC, can only be regarded to bear out its single and narrow mind- track.
Earlier the sense of civilisation and righteousness comes to prevail, the better!

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