Sunday, June 23, 2013

BL on -Kundankulum< what it is waiting for ?

What’s going on at Kudankulam?

It’s going to take some more time for Kudankulam to get started.What’s holding up the commissioning? Is it a problem with the valves and cables? Or something more? »

......Incidentally, the Commission in its order tellingly noted thus: the Commission repeatedly asked the PIO to identify and explain the specific interest which might be affected….he gave no reasons whatsoever for claiming that the security, strategic and scientific interests of the State would be prejudicially affected if the Reports were disclosed....

Incorrigible "HUMANS (?)" SAVAGELY playing with "HUMANITY" !

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Did Centre, state govt ignore CAG warning against hydel projects in ...

>What is mind boggling and offending one's common sense is the misconceived headline/title to the report, with a ? suffixed ! Was not the answer self-evident , - speaking, and staring in the face ?>
What 'journalism' is this- with a patently  wanting courage of conviction; in not saying what ought to be said in a bold and forthright manner ??

"ignore" is the unthinking choice; while the indifference and callousness of socalled govt.s  deserve to be condemned and decried as a heinous crime of its kind against the 'humanity' itself.

Many More @Google on CAG's environment  audit !

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