Sunday, June 16, 2013

BL crisis, crisis everywehere - why only leader, even a 'header' OR a 'follower', seldom found !!


Leadership crisis in India Inc

Xcerpts >

< ....Infosys needs a strategic shake-up’, Business Line, June 5), has far deeper connotations for corporate India than are immediately apparent.
The first, of course, is that India’s IT giants face the risk of falling by the wayside if they cling to borrowed Western models, which merely subsist on the linear extrapolation of ....>

Some personal thoughts- for a change, to mull over:

Not only Infosys or any other corporate in the IT sector, but also every other coroporate or business entity needs a strategic shake-up. Should that be believed , in the true ultimate analysis, to be too tall an expexctation, then in one's sincere and earnest wish, what is not but be practical and of the utmost urgency is a realisation of the dire need to take a - "U' turn - at least at this late hour. Perhaps, that might prove the one and only sane solution to refrain from continuing to remain in the risk trap by mindlessly clinging  to borrowed Western models, as frankly cautioned against. To those, -admitting that in our (ultra !) modern times they could only be in a minority, -still have faith in the (s)age-old- wisdom that we as mortals are never masters of our own fate, given all odds against, here is a quotable quote worthwhile to reflect on: Perhaps the key to the whole of such or like problem, as borne out in a quote in The Oxford Book of the Supernatual - "All argument is against it , but all belief is for it". As then reminded of, "some of the greatest men who have ever lived have believed that certain events in their lives had the rare gift of precognition".

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