Sunday, January 13, 2013

GST -dragging its feet as slow as a snail (or a stalemate?) !

TOI (now reporting)

"....there seemed to be a fresh attempt to push for the two legislations, ...."

That 2015 may see the GST taking off is rather stale news. May be, common men cannot be expected  to having any  exact clue or idea of the true cause(s) or pulls behind such debacles. Even so, they cannot afford not to ,  going by common sense, realize or wake up to the reality that any such make-believe 'attempt to push', -even granting but refusing to believe it to be genuine and sincere,- is unlikely to have any force or effect, should the momentum of the pull in the opposite direction  be so overpowering  as to negate the push. Also, leading to multiplicity and complicity.


GST is unlikely to come in a hurry MOHAN R. LAVI ... years, suggesting that the entry ofGST could well extend beyond 2015. ... equipment market will stay flat till 2014 ... - Cached
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