Friday, January 18, 2013

E- Supreme Court - close on the heels of E-itat>

Dare To Dream Beyond Supreme Court. Get Ready For E-Supreme Court!!

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<> To 'dare' or 'dare to dream' , either or both is going to cost nil, additionally; instead can result in saving, why then any reluctance or need to deliberate against !!

By the way, going by an old lingering impression, - was not any litigant or his counsel , if so chooses, being permitted to put up his case / arguments in writing , for the court to consider and decide; that is , without physical appearance (open to be corrected )!

May be, in any case, that is another alternative, perhaps a btter one, which is worth deliberation by the law experts. That should, in a way, assist the court to apply its mind , and render justice, after an independent consideration of the issues at leasure; that is without being disturbed or any distraction unlike in a court hall hearing.

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