Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'money' 'matters'; one may say so ! : BUT, SHOULD IT?

  • Abandon rule of law and pay the price Read more: Abandon r.

  • Just as anyone of the other scores of articles, columns, etc. publicized in recent times, the subject write-up , no doubt, attempts at high lighting, though at the cost of repetition, the social evil of 'corruption' . It is nobody's case that this is a matter on which there is scope for a second opinion from any 'right' thinking person. For, even a layperson can have no difficulty in sensing the hard fact that the evil is most certainly  trying to overtake  and defeat almost everyone of the so-called economic policies conceived of and sought to be given shape in the form of a 'legislation' from to time.   

  • According to a view, however, : all such policies and enactments are fundamentally deficient ; so deficient that even at 'inception' they are inherently self defeating. The overwhelming reason is  that they all have one - the only one common objective; that is, 'economic development'; a deveopment at any cost- as 'divorced' from any profound 'social objective'.

    As is human nature - as bluntly portrayed by a age-old village-side saying - even a corpse might come to life and sit-up if it hears the temptingly luring 'jingle of money'.  
    What, as lamented by a humanist-rich in wisdom- of our times, has led to such a plethorable state of affairs is - the utter failure on the part of one and all really concerned to 'realise' in all sincerity, grained with humility, -  that, -  'there is more to success than money'.

    To say it, more appropriately to the context herein,  otherwise,-there is more to 'development ' / 'advancement' (in its profound sense) of a nation, than to 'economic development'.   

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