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Lawyer v Client contd.

Happy Teacher's Day

Is the Google puzzle, too puzzling or brain teasing to be resolved readily, without the needed but tiring home work or stressful application of mind ?! NOT TO BOTHER ; that is what,- as is the wisdom open freely to be gathered from world of past experience, if so  the reality of life is all about !!

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  itat on CAs' tax practice


Vijay V. Meghani vs. ACIT (MA By ICAI) (ITAT Mumbai)

Strictures passed against ICAI By ITAT for alleged “deteriorating standards” and “losing its grip over the Income tax matters” toned down on the basis that they were made in the context of a "hypothetical situation" and were not "intended to criticize the functioning of the ICAI"
The Income tax Appellate Tribunal, being a part of Government of India, should not shut its eyes when it is noticed that certain developments occurring in the Country may affect the Country as a whole, more particularly when the reputation of particular profession, from whom the Tribunal is getting assistance in the dispensation of justice, is at stake. Accordingly, we sincerely believe that it is the bounden duty of not only the Tribunal, but also the duty of one and all to point out and discuss about such kind of developments, when it is noticed that the same may affect the public at large. There cannot be any controversy that the interest of our Country is Supreme and no citizen can or should compromise on the same




5 Mistakes You May Be Making That Turn Off Prospective Clients

The few hints given for success of a lawyer in practice , no doubt, may be found useful and of guidance; and could help in achieving so called  success, but not in full measure, unless  the sole or main goal is to know how best to win over clientele.  

As selected at random :
<Because people love a lawyer who is a good practitioner and gets desirable results, but nobody likes a blowhard.>

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< The College was created by our Legislators with the intent to protect the public’s interest relating to the practice of social work in the province of Ontario.  It is paramount that all regulatory bodies uphold this most fundamental principle that professional services be regulated.  The Legislators laid a sound legal foundation and the College was given the tools and the mandate under law in the year 2000 to fulfill this task, yet to date, the vast majority of front line CAS workers continue to engage in the practice of social work without being registered with the College.  This sort of blatant defiance to the Rule of Law in Canada and the principles of fundamental justice by CAS workers in Ontario represents a gross betrayal of all Canadians, not just those in Ontario.>

To reflect: Is that not so, or still worse, in every other country, with or without any such formal legislation in place or an established college ?! 

Canada Court Watch receives complaints every week about shoddy work by many of Ontario's Legal Aid Lawyers. While some do a job job, sadly many do not. The article below from the Toronto Sun gives yet another example of this problem from the perspective of another journalist

Queens Park:
Minister talks about
horrors of CAS

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Are Lawyers Getting Dumber?

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