Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In perennial Quest of PErsonal EXcellence ( "PEEX'')

Attempt, through the not-so-easy- to accomplish , - 'self- IMPROVEMENT', being the only open way forward to 'PEEX'

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Spl. Label : 'self- IMPROVEMENT'

Sensitive Indians – We as a nation are becoming more and more thin-skinned

< Sensitivities are tricky things, to say the least. And the less said about them the better because you never know which sensitive toe you might inadvertently tread on. Ouch! >

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  1. An age-old saying, - beggars are not, so can never be choosers; same is true, hence forced to believe guided by wisdom gathered in hindsight, that- seekers are not , so can never be achievers, without believing and acting guided by the principle of 'optimism of WILL',/ 'pessimism of INTELLIGENCE', so as to fittingly qualify as 'optimist' !