Saturday, August 1, 2015

WHY ALLOW 'a hole' to develop into>>>>>>> A POTHOLE ;

Old Granny's  common sense remedy-

The current crisis will take over 80 quarters for recovery of the West. In this scenario, it is better for India to be more de-coupled and evolve its own strategy... Read more

Random thoughts: Undoubtedly, prima facie, a very impressive statistical data doled out. Equally impressive are the suggestions offered as to what India should or not do in order to remain insulated / save itself from, or take on and be prepared to ward off, the prospects of a similar tragedy happening at home. Of course, if were to ignore or forget for the moment the inescapable fact of, just not one but, more of it being faced with, with an alarming regularity.
All said, but one thing not said or left to be sanely questioned is THIS: Could not the pothole (s) been wisely prevented through timely or time-bound remedial steps by identifying and plugging in the correctives effectively; rather than leaving it to loom large enough to a scaring 'pothole' (or a multiple of it)?!
Perforce, that reminds one of sagely cautions repeatedly given by great thinkers- humanitarians par excellence- of our own times; but perennially and unwisely chosen to be wantonly ignored.


 TO supplement;
If delay,the root cause, traceable/attributable mainly to basic inefficiency,-that is,in performance by anyone, particularly by a 'public servant'(in its most comprehensive meaning / connotation),- of his duties and responsibilities,in turn resulting in 'corruption' of all types, at the grass root of it is the vested or assumed power of 'discretion', invariably unbridled or left uncontrolled.

For a dilation of the specific area, may look up, -; rtw the comment thereon.

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Points to ponder: Look for such points galore by attempting to dilate and widen own individual vision, through the simplest way of all, - Google (or Advanced) search. For instant purpose, look through the published write-ups e.g.


''Don't put off tasks'' displayed on times of

Open to the rest for thoughts to share!

KEY NOTE: Not-so-difficult to answer, likewise >

Who is the CULPRIT or victim of the villainy ?-
so as to be pinned down , as the root cause of all; albeit with the equally vested duty, responsibility, reliability, and last but but not least-  Transparency or lack of IT ?!

For Clues , if needed, Cross Refer Previous Blogs on Topics - none, if viewed in proper light, can sanely/logically be faulted to be , -irrelevant but realized to be closely connected and / or related.

To be precise >

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