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think TANK (contd.) THINKER'S CORNER OR crook's nook ?!

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  1. Discussion of the creationist understanding of man-made artifacts in William Paley's argument from design, in the US Intelligent Design proponents, and in their ...
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a godlike designer
no designer like God

On a mistaken, creationist understanding of man made artifacts
in William Paley's argument from design,
in the Intelligent Design proponents,
and in their opponents among evolutionary biologists



Let me in conclusion come with two caveats, though.
▪ In arguing against what I called the creationist view of artifacts I do not want to suggest that the notion of human creator is an illusion and that the only proper or correct or true way of looking at human artifacts is the evolutionary one. It would be as untenable to deny that designers are authors and creators of the artifacts they produce, as it would be untenable to deny that complexity, functionality, quality and beauty in human products is a result of redesign. It seems that at the end of the day we have to accept that there is no clear-cut, either/or position here: there will always be a split between the doer and the observer perspectives on things. But as none of the two perspectives provides a full picture, they should be seen as complementary.

▪ Emotionally I understand, and have sympathy with, the motives and worries of the Christian proponents behind the ID theory. My discussion and criticism of the ID foundations was not meant to be a contribution to discussions about either the existence of God or about meaningfulness of religion. In the present context my interest in the argument from design has been purely academic.  UQ

flight of fancy OR fun n 'flight OR fun n' frolic OR....

On board a flight To HK
An young couple, looking newly wed -

DARLING!  r all your valuables safe ?

Why hubby ! why suddenly the doubt ?

Nno, Nno; i thought, saw you searching for a safe place to keep, before leaving home .

ah, yes, i was, but do you now where i finally left those ?


a place none will even suspect and look for; but that is , tghat is..isss ..>>>

S, tell me !

sorry, i now recollect- that is the   frig'

frig, of all places ???

yah ! why, what is wrong ?

NNNO, NNNNO, that should be ok
after a few minutes...

hope you locked the main door alright !

Why doubt;.....anyway, let me check

after fumbling for some time, ...oh the hell - where did i leave the door key..

after a further search, AH yes ! i now remember, left the key on the hole itself- don't you agree, that is the safest of all places, to remember, also to retrieve on return after four days of our foreign jaunt !!

WHyyyy  Nottttt ?!

On same flight to HK - but another day >

M to F  Have you carried with you all jewellery, leaving noe back home ?

oh , S dear , those arev all in the fancy bag over your head locker!

But you know, the other day, was told of an episode on this flight; somebody was stealthily relieved of his valued bag likewise deposited !!

OMG ! Then shall i transfer all the jewellery safely for me to carry on my persn; that shold be far far safe .

OMG, OMG !! that instantly brings to my mind another similar episode but with a different stroke of bad luck .

Oh ! What was that?

That was very horrid my, my ...

When husband till then half asleep, woke up-----found his wife had been stabbed, and been relieved of all  the vauables on her person.

OMG !  what then is the solutin ?

solution ? Ah, yes !  there is one; just to have deposited on a co-pass's bag, for safe custody, and collect back while getting off,; what do you think ?

???!!!! from a sauce pan into a fry pan eh !




“Learn to respect the person who is selling you his/her time.”
 Author, not made known !

Anyway, the referred 'the person', cannot, for obvious reason, be one who is 'selling' his/her time, for a price, of 'value' or excessive value, only to himself, but if it were to be of nil or negative value to the buyer who pays for it.

Why to honour; especially, if he/she be a seller who sells his/her time, more so for a charge/fee not commensurate; but by any standard, excessively high or exorbitant from the buer’s viewpoint, should regard be had to the nil or negative value to buyer ?  

Old Saying: One more feather added to (his or her) cap!

What that means ? Any way, why deserves to be commended or eulogized; for, the feather is one either borrowed or dropped by a feathered being, or even illegitimately got dubiusly..

No chance, no destiny, no fate, can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.
-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox, author and poet

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